XXXParodyHD review



    Ever heard of a parody account? If so you must have also heard of parody porn sites like XXXParodyHD. Parody sites are identical to most other porn sites, with the difference being that their collection tends to poke fun at individuals or institutions. Thus, you might be able to watch a parody porn account of the pope boning a cardinal. But don’t let the pope hear we said that!… So, here’s our review and a most orgasmic read it is!

Flee The Cumming Tribulation!

    The XXXParodyHD homepage follows the standard design principles of other porn homepages that came before it. The design is easy on the eyes but filled with ads.
There’s a search bar to the top right of the page, main tabs on the right and links to social media sites and the like on the right portion of the screen. The homepage has video thumbnails aplenty, though a fair number of these are ads.

    Tabs here take the form of Porn Movies, XXX Scenes, New Releases, Parody Movies, Categories, and Studios. From this, we can learn that while XXXParodyHD does have a bountiful collection of parody porn, it also has a fair number of “normal” porn. So, do relax because your cumming needs will be taken care of here no matter what!

Porn In All Its Sweetness

    We seem to have forgotten to mention this, but both the Categories and Studios tab have pull-down menus. This makes searching for fun easier and swifter, especially when one of your hands is occupied with holding your cock in place so that it won’t escape and embarrass you!

    There are almost a hundred categories in the Categories tab and they range from Celebrities, Couples, Erotic and Cougar to Euro, Gay, Fantasies, and Fat. The Studios tab is packed as well. Supported studies include heavyweights like Reality Kings, Brazzers, Porn Pros, Hustler and Evil Angel, plus a fair number of relative unknowns. Once any studio is clicked, pages full of its productions are presented for the orgasmic consumption of viewers.

    Homepage videos on the site are placed in their allotted sections. A random section comes first and can be sorted by the Most Viewed or Top Rated. The next sections are the Parody Movies section, XXX Scenes section and the Latest Movies section.

    Since this is supposed to be a parody site, we will be focusing a little on the parody porn on hand here. However, XXXParodyHD is incredibly vast and has tons of top-class content, all of them full-length. That means even if you are not into parody porn, you can always find plenty of vanilla, gay or lesbian porn here.

    The parody porn section includes titles like Aladdin X, Whore of the Rings 2, Cruella, The Donald: This is a Parody, Kill Jill 1, Kill Jill 2 and Harry Pornter. The parody porn here stretches to 43 pages and contains a few hundred porn parodies and we are talking full-length movies of at least an hour, though most are a couple of hours long.

    Video quality tends to be average. All vids come with a short description, plus tags. Comments are supported too as is a download option. The download option, however, does not appear to work and clicking it merely gets different pop-up ads flashing in your face.

What We Think

    XXXParodyHD has more full-length porn than any brain matter can know what to do with. We estimate there could be a few tens of thousands of porn titles here and these are all heavyweight mothers!

    There are issues though, chief of which is ads. There are ads everywhere on the page and even more appear whenever a link is clicked. The number and frequency of ads honestly is a right turn-off and we would love to see a solution to this soon. Also, a few vids are not playable. We are not sure why but would like the issue resolved if at all possible.

    Overall, despite its faults and limitations, provides enough fun and action to make heaven seem real!

  • Free adult movies
  • Has video download feature
  • Features lots of Brazzers studio porn
  • Lots of full-length HD porn
  • Has 3GP and MP4 formats too
  • Good mobile support
  • Mobile Support
  • ❌ Site may have been flagged down
  • ❌ Site likely violates internet rules