Xpee review




    You pee and poop, right? Do you get off on watching folks do this and more? If you do then becoming a member of good standing of a site like Xpee should be atop your bucket list!

    Xpee is for those with a strong stomach who love to see folks soiling themselves and eating, drinking, or rolling around in their own bodily wastes. Spend enough time in this amateur scat site and I can wager that your eyes will get an infection and need to be removed with a blunt knitting needle!

    Anyway, here’s my Xpee review. You can be sure I was ready to shit myself and cry for my mama by the time I was halfway through it!

A Piss On The Homepage!

    Xpee has a standard homepage with a white background color. The page is not cluttered and has more than a few tabs and image thumbnails. If you are not used to scat sites like these, it might be wise to get a barf bucket handy, cos I guarantee that you will be grossed out beyond your wildest nightmares!

    Want to be a member here? Then click the sign-in tab at the top left of the page. There’s a link to the Porn Dude there too, which is a surprise because I didn’t know the site admin behind this porn review site is a fan of fresh shit!

    Know what the site motto is? Just Because We Can. That’s right, the folks that run Xpee just delight in punishing us all with shitty and pissy content just because they can. The pox on them!

    The main tabs on Xpee are the Home, Top Rated, Most Viewed, Albums, Categories, Sites, Playlists, Channels, Community, and Upload. The latter function is reserved for members only and membership is as free as taking a dump in the woods! For some reason, there’s only a single channel in the Channels tab, while the Categories tab has just 6 image category thumbnails. These consist of Period Porn, Girls Puking, Pissing Videos, Girls Pooping, Scat Videos, and Panty Poop.

    The homepage also has all 6 categories listed at the left of it, with the Girls Pooping category having the biggest collection of content. Very shitty content of course!

    Overall, the homepage is clean and easy to access, but there does not seem to be much content, till you remember that this site focuses on niches that are not all that popular.

Better Shit That Out!

    When I first logged in to Xpee, something made me almost cough up my expensive dinner and that was the image thumbnails on the homepage! Yes, I knew this was a scat site, but still…!

    Previews play when you hover your mouse cursor on these videos and you get to see their runtime, views gained, rating, title, and the approximate time they were uploaded.

    You still there? Well, I got sample homepage titles that will water your eyes. These include Hairy German Babe Shitting In Panties, Brunette Woman Pooping By The Pool, Hot Teen Shitting On Stairway, Shit and Hemorrhoids, and Huge Turd From a Big Ass. Puking yet?

    I’m not that into scat, but I did try to bravely sit through some videos. Needless to say, I saw enough pooping buttholes, asshole drilling, and dildo trashing, folks chomping on shit and smearing the same and other fluids on themselves to guarantee nightmares for a year at least! That’s some real nasty shit! Anyway, the provided video player is a basic affair and if you are in search of advanced playback functionality you won’t be finding it here.

    Content on the site features a brief description, plus tags and categories. Beneath each is more related content. You can screenshot videos, plus report and share them. You can do the same with photo galleries. But commenting on content is the exclusive preserve of members. There’s no option to download content though.

What I Think

    I thought I was beyond being shocked, but Xpee sure did prove me wrong! The site hosts content any scat lover should be eagerly digging into at the moment, is free to access and of immense shock value to those who are as of yet unappreciative of what shit, pee, and period blood can do in their cumming life!

    Are you a scat lover? Well, then go to Xpee and have at it. Just don’t bring any of that stinky stuff near me!

  • Loads of free scat porn
  • Good site design
  • No ads
  • User content uploads supported
  • Possibility of making the acquaintance of site members who share the same shit-loving passion
  • Mobile Support
  • ❌ Not a features-rich site
  • ❌ Content not suitable for all tastes