xnaughtygirlz review



What’s in a name? Well, at xnaughtygirlz.com, I really don’t have any fucking idea. Sixty-nine is the not-so-secret code for one of my favorite forms of mutual oral sex, but the rest is sheer gibberish to me. It sounds like the autistic kid who keeps killing you in Fortnite, but nah, it’s actually a free video tube full of famous Internet babes and social media sluts with their clothes off. Free is one of my favorite prices, especially when I lost my wallet with my pants somewhere along the bus ride. The other passengers are looking at me weird, but at least I ain’t getting overcharged for OnlyFans movies.

xnaughtygirlz.com is new as fuck but popular as hell. They popped up out of nowhere just about a month ago, but already get thousands of visitors every day. They say you shouldn’t jump off a bridge just because all your friends are, but what if thousands of them are shaking their dicks at the same website? I know what I’d do, and I’m about to do it right now.

The Hottest Sluts of Social Media

At first, I thought xnaughtygirlz was just another free tube packed with the same selection of premium lesbian samples, homebrew cuckold scenes and movies that have been copied so many times the buttfucking is all blurry. When I didn’t see the same selection of big-name pornstars, I suspected I might be fapping to a new amateur site. The site’s got a lot of amateurs, sure, but this ain’t the same content you’d find on sites like HomeMoviesTube or the Amateur section of PornHub. 

I realized what I was looking at when I started looking at the movie titles. These are the naked, horny beauties of sites like OnlyFans, Instagram, and Patreon. They’ve got gamer sluts famous on sites like Twitch, YouTube girls, and all your favorite social media attention whores, not to mention the real whores.

Overall, these girls are a few steps up on the hotness ladder from your typical old ladies on your standard amateur porn site. A lot of these girls do cam shows on the side, and a ton of them are sexy enough to make their living hawking homemade dirty movies. You don’t get Internet-famous if you’re ugly, you know, and a lot of these girls have used their beauty to gain their 15 minutes in the Internet era.

Smut without the Price

Those gorgeous Internet babes are obviously one of the major draws over at xnaughtygirlz. Another major draw is definitely the fact they’ve got a growing collection of clips available for free.

I decided to officially start my fap test with the first video I saw at the top of the screen. It’s only 30 seconds long, but Coconut Kitty Nude Dildo Onlyfans Video already has a few hundred views after just being added to the site. That would tell me it’s fapworthy even if the thumbnail didn’t turn my penis into a raging spear of rock.

“Aaah,” she moans as the video opens, bouncing her cunt on the titular dildo. “That feels so good, baby.” You can tell from how she moans and moves her hips and ass that she’s really getting herself off, not just giving a show for the camera. She’s fully nude, giving us a beautiful view of that tight body. I like the trampstamp, and I can’t help imagining what it would look like if it was me coming from behind and not a rubber ding-dong.

xnaughtygirlz.com has a really simple, but effective layout. The same thing can be said about their baked-in video player. It gets the job done, but it’s a pretty bare-bones affair. You can Play and Pause or slide around the timeline, but you can’t adjust the resolution like you can on most sites. You’re stuck with whatever the default video quality is, and in this case, it ain’t HD. There’s no Download button in the player or on the video page, so you can’t save anything. Sorry, porn hoarders. You’ll have to collect your end-of-the-world fap stash elsewhere.

The one perk xnaughtygirlz’s video player does have is a few playback speed options. I always wonder who’s fapping to the scenes at double speed, but I guess it’s probably the tweakers and coke fiends out there. Personally, I think Coconut Kitty looks fucking beautiful, bouncing on that dildo at half speed.

Below each video, you’ll find links to the model’s other content on the site. The links are a bit redundant, since they throw in multiple links with tags tacked on like Cum, Free, Anal, Nude and Feet. Whatever you click, you usually get the girl’s full collection, whether or not there are videos connected to that particular tag. It helps people find the content via Google, even if it adds a little clutter.

OMFG, I Love These Internet Girls!

I checked out xnaughtygirlz’s Actors page next. I actually wasn’t expecting much, given how new the site is. I obviously underestimated the popularity of social media porn, because they’ve got page after page of thumbnailed Instagram girls, Snapchat sluts, Twitch whores and Patreon harlots. They’ve already got movies starring hundreds of different Internet models.

There’s a bit of overlap from the world of classic hardcore porno. Abella Danger is the first girl listed since they’re alphabetical, and she’s got an ASMR video on the site. They’ve also got an Asa Akira POV blowjob from Snapchat, plus another couple of flicks.

By and large, though, the site keeps its focus on the new breed of self-made Internet babes. They’ve got OnlyFans vids from chicks like Lauren Alexis, Elissa Victoria and Blanc Noir. There are Snapchat movies starring modern sex starlets like Elise Laurenne, Allison Parker and Emily Knight. You can keep your wallet in your pocket and watch Patreon movies from models like TheOnlyLuca, Amouranth and Christina Khalil.

YouTube may not allow adult content, but they’ve got a good selection of NSFW vids from some really hot YouTubers. I spent some time studying movies of ClaraBabyLegs, Trisha Paytas and Xosabrinaxo. After hours of hard research, I have to report that my findings are inclusive. I’m going to have to spend the next 4 days locked in my masturbation chamber with the site, just as soon as I clean the jizz off my keyboard.

Sidebar links let you view the collection by the standard set of filters like Newest, Popular, or Most Viewed. The Longest filter is especially useful here, given that so many of the clips have very short runtimes. That Abella movie I mentioned is the longest on the site, clocking in at 45 minutes. Fewer than a dozen scenes on the website run longer than 20 minutes, but it’s still a new genre and a new site.

Dirty ASMR Whispers in Your Ear

I expect this to change as xnaughtygirlz grows, but right now, they’ve only got a handful of categories. Most of them tell you where the material comes from or where the girls got famous: Instagram, OnlyFans, Patreon, Snapchat, Twitch or YouTube. They’ve also got just one category-specific subgenre: ASMR.

It’s still only a few dozen clips deep, but I put on some headphones to see if I could get bonerific tingles off that Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response shit. I was worried it would feel like jacking off to a TED talk, but those sexy whispers really add something special to what would already be a fantastic video of a beautiful woman rubbing her tight, wet pussy.

Tubes with specialty content can sometimes struggle to fill their catalogs. xnaughtygirlz might not have the millions of movies that sites like Xhamster show off, but they have a lot more social media porn than I expected for such a new niche site. Of course, it helps that they’re constantly adding new material to the collection.

xnaughtygirlz.com is a great look at the newest generation of the newest kind of modern adult stars. These social media babes thrive on the attention, so why not give it to them? The content is free on this site, so you can save those pennies and sign up for all those Patreons later.

  • Clean site design
  • Free
  • Plenty of sluts to be seen
  • Mobile Support
  • ❌ Mostly average quality content
  • ❌ Unclear upload frequency