XLDicks review




    XL is a jumbo size. So when you hear of XL dicks, the proper thing is to run and make sure that all the women in your family are wearing iron panties and then run and see the fella who’s lugging around the XL dick in question and ask where he got it cheap!
Got an XL dick yourself? Then for sure, it would be incredibly ungrateful not to go down on your knees each night and thank the almighty for giving you a steely cunt killer like that!

    So, there’s a porn site that calls itself XLDicks.com and it’s crammed with videos of super-endowed fellas stuffing their frothing chimney pipes into any slit that is open for business! Here’s my XLDicks.com review. Stop dicking around and check it out!

If It Ain’t Big We Don’t Want It!

    What year is it? I am asking because opening the XLDicks homepage is like going back in time to like 1997.

    Yeah, the site design is extremely basic and bland, plus extremely dated. I have no idea how any porn site can expect to attract new users and retain new ones when it looks like a reprint of a defunct magazine. At least the site admins here made the sensible decision to use a white background color and this is important because I am positive that a black background color would have made this site look 10 times worse than it does at the moment.

    So, this XXX site has square-shaped video thumbnails and there aren’t enough of them on the homepage to avoid giving it a half-empty look. There’s a brief About Us at the bottom and a good range of site features arranged at the top. These features include Login and Register Links, as well as a basic search bar at the top right, while tabs consist of New Videos, Best Videos, Categories, Channels, Pornstars, and Erotic Porn. The latter is just a direct ad link, so pay it the attention you pay a thot with a spicy version of the clap!

    As for registering here, that is free. However, I am still waiting for the people running the site to send me the verification link they are supposed to. They are apparently too busy worshiping XL dicks to hand over the link I need. Nuts to them!

    36 male pornstars with ultra big dicks call the Pornstars tab home and almost all have detailed profile pages. Lexington Steele is here, as are Mr. Biggz and Brian Pumper. However, the collection of big dick pornstars should have been bigger than it is and there are fuckers with average penises who made it to the Pornstars list.

    Anyway, the rest of the tabs do what they say on the tin and the Category tab, in particular, has a good assortment of XXX categories -28 in particular- ranging from Petite, Group Sex, Hairy, Latina, Anal, Blonde, and Hairy to Big Tits.

The Bigger The Sweeter!

    Content thumbnails on this site have preview features enabled. Dates are not featured anywhere though and that obscures the pace of content uploads.

    Incidentally, I can’t see how the omission of dates could have been a mistake. I mean, content thumbnails here have approval ratings, titles, and the accumulated number of views, and I don’t see how it is possible to include that kind of information and forget all about the date of content uploads.

    Anyway, there are 65 pages of videos on XLDicks and the number of videos on each page varies for reasons I have no hope of understanding, nor desire to. As for the average runtime, I would say it is less than 10 minutes.

    Here are some sample titles: Massive Cock Rams Her, Skinny Babe Loves To Suck On Black Monster Cocks, Massive Cock Spreads Her Wet Muff, Two Stiff Pricks Bang Three Smoking Hot Babes On The Race Track, Horny Slut Ashley Blue Has A Very Deep Throat, Busty Jasmin Jae Ripped Apart By Black Monster Cocks, and Huge Dick Nails Her Sweet Pussy And Cums All Over Her Big Tits. The latter is a RealityKings production and it was less than 6 minutes long. The fella fucking the cunt in the video has one of those long cocks you can’t see without wanting to cut off, stuff, and mount over your mantelpiece!

    One out of the many other videos I watched had a title that said Monster Cock Shoved Into Her Fuck Box. What an inspirational title! This Mofos production involved a blonde MILF being dicked down by a black guy with a steel pipe!

    His was not the biggest BBC I have seen, but it was big enough to make his partner roll her eyes and speak in tongues a little bit. He fucked this blonde MILF in the missionary style with her legs spread wide and her tits jiggling like grass in the wind. Not to worry, he didn’t do any damage down there because even the blind can see that his partner is one of those slutty thots who have been fucking since they were teens and could probably fuck a telephone pole and not feel it!

    There were no playback issues during this review. And it is important to note that free downloads are supported. However, playback options are limited and content quality is 180p at the lowest and 360p at the highest. Needless to say, videos of such quality have as much utility as a plate of shit left by the one and only Amber Turd!

What I Think Of XLDicks

    XLDicks is a monster-sized piece of nonsense with a fancy name that makes you want to get a ruler and see if you measure up down there! There is absolutely no reason to even for one second consider recommending the site and I would advise the site admins to take their eyes off monster cocks for now and focus on moving XLDicks into the 21st century!

  • Free
  • No ads
  • Downloads permitted
  • Mobile Support
  • ❌ Dated and lame site design
  • ❌ Ultra wack video quality
  • ❌ No advanced search
  • ❌ Shitty site features, playback options and sorting options
  • ❌ Unclear upload frequency