WetPussyGames review




    There are days when I can’t help but kneel and thank the almighty for not having a pussy. Sure, it would be nice to have a wet slit like that I can finger whenever the horny spirit holds me by the jugular, but there’s the fact that these warm and slippery holes get wet too often for my comfort. Like you can just stare at them and they get so shy they start quivering and weeping with gladness and you have no other option than to lick up every sweet drop of fluid and thank the owner for the nutrients going into your body!

    Seen some wet pussies this week? Well, I am quite willing to bet they don’t belong to your partner and that you did far more than look at them! But what’s my business?

    Here’s my WetPussyGames.com review and this in case you are wondering is a hentai game site and not me asking to play cumming games with your wet snatch!

Crowded Marketplace

    Well, the WetPussyGames homepage is so crowded it reminded me of the first picture I saw of an African market. Yeah, stuff here is so crowded it feels a little bit uncomfortable and there doesn’t seem to be any persuasive reason for that state of things.

    Now, the homepage has a grey background color, and the site menu and tabs are vertically arranged on the left side of the page. That doesn’t make much sense and lends a certain amateurish air to everything.

    The logo is a young and nude lass whose breasts look fuller than most jungle fruits I ever sunk my fangs into, while the above-mentioned tabs point you to varied XXX game categories like BDSM, Action, Dress Up, Arcade, 3D Sex Games, and Adventure, plus toon and hentai movies, reviews and walkthroughs. The 3D sex game category does not host any actual games, however. All it has are very short videos and not many of these either. Also featured at the left of the homepage are links to social media sites like Twitter, Reddit, and a WordPress site called Wet Pussy Hentai.

    The reviews in the review link look good and are thorough, covering the writing, storyline, graphics, and audio of XXX games like Chick Wars, Girls on Tanks, Furry Beach Club, and Galactic Monster Quest. No date is provided in these reviews though and that makes it impossible to know how frequently stuff is reviewed here.

    So, the top part of this wet ass homepage has a very brief About Us, and there are varied porn video categories vertically arranged at the right, plus a list of game sites lower down. But most of the homepage is taken up by different hentai games and these are in sections. The new game and walkthroughs are first, followed by new hentai games, new hentai video, and porn cartoons, plus a daily mix of hentai and porn cartoons. Yeah, the person tasked with naming these sections failed at his job and needs his wet pussy dried up by a dash of lemon juice and ash!

Pussies Love Wetness!

    Pussies are born to get wet. So praise them when they do so and never let the liquid go to waste!

    Now, there’s a nice assortment of very short videos on WetPussyGames.com. To start, it is probably best that you have a look at the different categories posted vertically at the right of the homepage and choose one that appeals to your basest instincts. Tentacle was the first movie category I decided to check out here, mainly because I ate an octopus last night and needed to see what it would look like for a chick to get fucked by such an animal!

    There is just a single page of tentacle porn here and none caught my fancy. One titled Psylocke Is Invaded By Dick Tentacles did look a little bit better than the others and piqued my interest. This had a 9-second video of a nude lass getting fucked in both holes by blue tentacles. She wasn’t complaining!

    I next went to the Big Dick movie category. Content here filled a page and most of what’s on show looked ordinary and amateurish. Street Fighter Ibuki Analized was a cut above the rest. Its video was just 1:22 minutes long though.

    For games, I went back to the site homepage, and out of the different game categories at the left, I selected Action. Games in the Action category include Overfuck, Demon Whore, Sex Sim, and MILF’s Blade and there are 10 pages of action games to choose from. That’s not bad.

    I was feeling a bit under the weather at the time of this review, so I choose to play a game titled COVID Sex Cure. This is from Babus Games and you are tasked with identifying a girl that represents the Covid virus and curing her with the business end of your woody.

    Anyway, the game took a while to load, though it could have just been my internet connection. It also gives off Resident Evil vibes, so you might choose not to check it out. The game opens with the history of respiratory diseases in China from 2003 to the present. Here, you play as a guy called Antibody and have a pussy licking and fucking task before you. Thankfully, options in every game let you skip ahead. You can also set the game to play automatically without your intervention, plus save your game progress and load it up when you wish.

    I didn’t play COVID Sex Cure to the end because it was too weird for me. Sure, while I would love to fuck up whoever first came out with COVID, it’s a reach seeing the sickness represented as a very petite girl that you get to fuck into good health.

    So, I took a little trip to the arcade category and picked out a kind of old-school game called Maze of Wild Pussies. Here, the objective is to make your way through a maze till you get to a wild pussy. I navigated using the arrow keys on my keyboard and every time I got to the wild pussy in question, a video will play showing a slut on her knees licking a cock. Wonderful! This game is simple but addictive, plus intriguing. For sure y’all need to have a look at it.

    Now, games here feature a detailed description, and game objectives can be accessed by clicking the Help button. Games can also be played in fullscreen and are idiot-proof, but they often take time to load.

What I Think of WetPussyGames

    Quite frankly, WetPussyGames would never be on any top 30 XXX game list I will ever put together. The site design is a mess, content is either too short in length or of average or mediocre quality and there’s no single outstanding feature that sticks to the mind after being on the site for hours.

    Overall, this is an average site for the average individual and should be okay for most purposes.

  • Free
  • Has both XXX games and videos
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of games
  • ❌ Ads
  • ❌ The site looks a mess
  • ❌ Videos are too short and most games aren’t of high quality