VidMax review



    The internet is a big place and sites like do their best to make it more interesting than it already is. VidMax and sister sites compile videos and images from different sources and present these in ways designed to shock, amaze, disgust or trigger a laugh.

    We went through the site and our review of it is down below. You might want to turn down the radio and check it out.

Vids To The Max!

    Despite its name, is more than just videos. It hosts photos too, some of which are as funny as a kick to the balls!

    The site design is clean and efficient, rather than fancy. Everything appears to be in its place and making sense of what’s in view is as easy as eating ass. And we are talking of prime ass!

    Now, there are Home, Latest, Videos, Galleries, and Categories tab at the top left of the homepage. On the opposite corner are a search bar and a login tab. You can choose to login or register, but there’s no convincing reason you should, because both members and non-members are free to see all that they like without coughing up moolah for the privilege.

    A click on the Latest tab shows the latest content on the homepage. The Galleries tab is where all videos are stored and the Categories tab grants quick access to content that is tailored towards specific categories.

    We clicked this tab and saw content divided by categories like Accident, Fails, Nature, Police Video, Politics, War, WTF, Terror and Funny. Each specific category shows just how many contents it contains.

    The Terror video category, for example, contains pictures of women being stoned to death, bombings, helicopter shootdowns, shootings, stabbings, violent demonstrations and protests and the like. This was more than we could stomach, so we went back to the Funny video category. One of these was titled Italian Bike Is Well Armed and Dangerous. It showed a dude on a bicycle shooting fireworks on fellows on a bike and causing them to crash. That was hilarious in a sick way.

    Another titled Canadian Goose Goes Full Gangsta On This Businessman was about a goose assaulting a fella to hilarious effect. On another titled Looks Like South Africa Can Use New Paddy Wagons, we saw a guy escaping from a locked police van.

    It is worth noting that you can leave comments on videos whether you are a member or not. There are also downvote and upvote options but these are restricted to members and you can easily see how many people have watched the video you are looking at, plus the name of the video uploader and the date it was uploaded.
Video sharing on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is also very possible. Videos are mostly taken by amateurs, so you are unlikely to be impressed by the quality. Photos on the site have the same options as the videos.

    There is no XXX-related content we could see, though we used the search bar to look for these. Boob pics, plus a few nudes are available though.

What We Think

    VidMax has a very interesting collection that can either make you laugh up a lung or gets you wondering how humanity can be so evil. The site design is nice and things work better than we expected them to. Overall, there is little to fault here, though if you are looking for XXX-rated material this is not the place for you.

  • Select tabs for latest, videos, gifs, galleries or categories
  • Really handy tab, helps you find the type of vid's your after
  • Easy to search by categories
  • Mobile Support
  • ❌ There are some limitations available to only registered users
  • ❌ There is click bate and pop up's and ads all over the place
  • ❌ No more porn here! switched to this site