TNAFlix Massage review

TNAFlix Massage

TNAFlix Massage


    Tnaflix is a site that prides itself on being only about tits and ass and who can blame them when some women have those kinds of assets in quantities and of a quality to make a fella speechless and perpetually in a cumming mood! Apart from jugs and bottoms, the site does cater to a wide range of XXX, and yeah, that includes enough massage porn to school you on the topic and get the sluts in your street much interested in your magic massage hands!

    Here’s my TNAFlix Massage review. That’s a section of TNAFlix that’s dedicated to massage porn and it hits home with a solid thunk, just like your cock does in a lubed-up slit that does not belong to your girlfriend or significant other!

The Best Flex Is The Best Nuru Action!

    Yeah, this article is a review of the XXX massage section of TNAFlix, but before I get to that let me talk a little about Nuru massages. Most of you know of it and must have tried it more times than you are willing to admit and that’s your business. But for those who are new to the whole massage thing, Nuru massages are possibly the best thing since a wardrobe full of J.Lo’s worn panties for making you think you won the lottery and an election as a dictator somewhere in Africa!

    Honestly, such massages are by far the most erotic and that’s speaking from experience. The whole thing involves you and your masseuse getting lubed up and essentially grinding on each other. I don’t know if it is the oil used or the fine girls that give me these massages, but there’s always a fantastic cum explosion to remember every time I book and go through a Nuru massage in my relatively civilized neck of the woods! You should try one out soonest and if there’s no masseur nearby, make do with your wife, old flame, or that teen slut neighbor that’s been giving you the green signal you need to shift her pant and show her twat what an adult dick can do to mess it up for real!

    Okay. time to talk about TNAFlix  Massage. This section of TNAFlix has its own picture header and looks good. Information on this header, which shows a cock and balls getting an oil massage indicates that there are 102,480 videos here, as well as 65 galleries. That’s an impressive collection of massage porn right and the thought of exploring all of that has my woody looking at me all excitedly!

    So, The TNAFlix Massage section is a good enough site with a good range of options. I am not saying it should get a gold medal, but it seems to have the basics down pat and user options are good enough, accessible enough, and agreeable to use. Take, for example, the dark mode button at the left of this section. It is represented by an image of the sun and with it, you can either switch from the default Light mode to a Dark one or choose a middle ground. Yeah, control options here let you use a slider to fine-tune how dark or light your PC screen can be and I for sure have not often seen that kind of user option.

    Other options near the top of the video page allow sorting videos by length, recentness, number of views, rating, and quality. And should you want to stare at pictures, all you gotta do here is click on the Galleries button to get images and GIFs with titles like Tiffany’s Oiled Perfect Babe Body, Nica Real Pornstar First Nude Casting, Porn Actress Jordin Sky Performing Blowjob Action and Mofos Porn Pics April 15.

    However, the vast majority of the pictures in the available gallery have nothing to do with massages or chicks and dudes getting a massage. It is instead the typical stuff you will find on most XXX sites and what it is doing in a section dedicated to XXX massages is something that my brain cannot process at the moment, because it is occupied with deciding which of the many Nuru masseurs around town should have the honor of pressing her tits on my chest and into my greedy mouth this new week!

    Worth noting is that the pictures in the Gallery section can be shared, downloaded, rated, and commented on. Plus if you are a member here, you can befriend content posters, and send them messages. But what's the use of that if you can’t invite them to your crib, eyeball that cunt they've been showing off on Tnaflix, and initiate an eat-all-you-can buffet on their bouncy asses!

Free Massages Are Not For Pussies!

    You a pussy? Then no free massage for you? But if you indeed have a wet slit and usually squat to pee, then I am very sure I can arrange lotsa free massages for you, preferably on my work desk! Doesn’t that sound hella tempting? Then come over soon and let’s make stuff happen!

    Now, The TNAFlix Massage category shows some serious seriousness when it comes to content updates. There were almost a hundred new videos uploaded in 24 hours when I went online for this review and nearly a couple hundred in the last 48 hours. Yeah, their content update frequency is getting better and better every day and that’s always something worth congratulating a site over and showing appreciation for. And one way to show appreciation for rad content update frequency is by seeing if the cock of the site admins can fit in your mouth for an hour or so!

    Content image thumbnails here are not as glossy as I would like. They show just the quality, runtime, and title. But if you hover your cursor on them, the upload date, number of views, and tags will be displayed, while a preview plays.

    Videos are short on average though, and most do not exceed 10 minutes. Content quality on the other hand seems to max out at 720p. Sample titles in the Top Rated category include Two Horny Babes Enjoying Sex and Massage, Couple Cums For A Massage, Masseuse Rides Black Cock, Teen Spunked By Masseuse, Lesbian Touches Herself, Amazing Blonde Fucked By Masseur and Pounding A Nectarous Pussy.

    The latter video is 5:15 minutes long and for sure the title is a head-turner and dick-tweaker! It opens with a slut lying face down on a table getting her ass, back and cunt massaged, before collecting a doggy style fuck that enabled a better view of her bubble butt!

    Direct downloads, comments, content  sharing, and rating are all enabled here. Videos load smoothly enough, but playback might be an issue if your data connection is not solid. Available playback options allow taking shots of the screen and choosing the quality you wanna watch a video. That's pretty limited.

What I Think of TNAFlix Massage

    Well, this massage porn section of the XXX site that we all know and mostly love is adequate. It doesn’t thrill or make me eager to wake up after an all-night alcohol binge or cunt party. It is just there, like clouds in the sky. Yeah, TNAFlix Massage is good, but it is simply not good enough and for that, you can blame the relatively short videos and content quality that does not exceed 720p.

    Ten years ago I would have recommended this site at a speed that would have made the god of lightning blanch! But we are in 2022 and having short duration content that’s not mostly full HD makes as much sense as covering yourself in bacon fat, jumping into the den of a hibernating bear and expecting a handshake, plus a brotherly hug for your effort!

  • Content-crammed
  • Direct downloads enabled
  • Rad upload frequency
  • Mobile Support
  • ❌ Full HD videos lacking
  • ❌ Lacking user options
  • ❌ Lame playback options
  • ❌ Videos short asf