TheyAreHuge review



     I am not really a fan of huge things, except if you are talking about huge bank accounts and the like! But like any man whose cum often coats the cap of his penis, I do occasionally love the sight of females with big asses, boobs, bodies, and attitude. I am talking about BBW chicks, as well as normal-sized girls with assets bigger than watermelons that might or might not have been bequeathed to them by their mamas!

    Fans of big sized chicks and chicks with big sized assets sure are going to love the site I am reviewing today. It is called TheyAreHuge and as the name suggests, focuses on girls who are big in some way, nasty in every way, and up for rolling in the hay with a cock that can slip through the crack between their legs and say an earth-shaking hello to their uterus! Here’s my They Are Huge review.

What Huge Fun!

    The folks behind TheyAreHuge sure pulled off a coup of sorts with the site name. I mean, the name precisely tells all comers what the site is about and is about as memorable as a cock-sucking dispensed by the toothsome wife of the village priest on a Sunday afternoon!

    TheyAreHuge uses a standard homepage that looks a little dated but is more than acceptable. This homepage has a white background and doesn’t have much flash and dazzle to it. The top left hosts the site logo, with a search bar at the top right. Tabs comprise the Home, Our Webcams, Latest Videos, Sex Chat, and Upload, plus login and registration.

    Just below the main tabs are a selection of the most popular categories. These are all clickable and include MILF, Big Tits, BBW, and Indoors. Around 95% of the page is filled with a nice selection of smut, with the run times displayed. No titles are shown, but hovering a cursor on the image thumbnails will play a brief preview, while also displaying the title.

     Take the time to scroll to the bottom of the page and you can find options to contact support and either sign up or log in. Signing up is free by the way, with all you need being your email, a username, and password.

Huge And Fabulous

    Well, time to go through the main tabs and see what they are good for. The Webcams tab directs you to the live cam site of TheyAreHuge, where you can chit chat with all sorts of girls from all sorts of countries. The Latest Videos tab does just what it says, while the Sex Chats tab flies your big ass to As for the Upload tab, it is, of course, reserved for members only, which provides one hell of an incentive to sign up. Signing up also means you can add videos you like to your favorites list.

    So, as I said before, the TheyAreHuge homepage has enough video image thumbnails to make a saint wish he had a dick that's big enough to make an oak tree blush! Runtime varies, though most are over the 20 minutes mark. The following are samples of what’s on the homepage: Kianna Dior vs Chris Diamond Full Fuck, Big Tit Plumper Play Time, Big Ass Amateur MILF Made A Dude Cum Twice In Less Than 15 Minutes, and Busty Cock Worshiping Beauties.

    Ever heard of Maserati? If you haven’t, your life has had little meaning so far! Anyway, this big titted ebony freak was the star in a clip titled Jigglies In An Elevator that I was lucky to check out. So, this big-boned cum scrambler got stuck in an elevator and along shows up two guys, one of whom proceeds to lay the pipe into her in a classic doggy style fuck that had her mountainous boobs jiggle enough to make my drool reach to my knees!

    Later, the guy takes her to a couch, pours oil on her, bends her over, and fucks the left ovary out of her kitty! He also gave her boobs all the tender loving they needed and I am sure they are still thankful for it!

    Videos here play on a standard video player. Adjusting the playback quality is not possible, though one-click downloads are supported. As for content quality, that can vary widely.

What I Think of TheyAreHuge

    TheyAreHuge is the kind of XXX site that folks who are in love with big and juicy things need to speedily bookmark! It is free and as easy to use as a woody that has an instruction manual attached, has loads of big booty and big ass content that pack a punch, and these play for a decent amount of time.

    The only things I hate are the ads that will occasionally pop up on the screen, plus the fact that videos lack dates, and therefore the content upload frequency is not apparent. Overall though, I would unhesitatingly recommend TheyAreHuge and think a visit is well overdue!

  • Its All Free
  • Nice site design
  • Lots of content
  • Free and easy downloads
  • Mobile Support
  • ❌ Ads
  • ❌ Varying video quality
  • ❌ Not many full-length videos