ShooshTime review



    Personally, I have no idea what Shooshtime means. It sure does sound like what happens when you go on a date and your partner ends up tying you up, muzzling you with a piece of rag, and putting his boner so far up your ass it gets creamed by your digestive juices!

    Anyway, Shooshtime is a regular porn site where you go to for pretty much all categories of smut. Yes, it has everything you might be needing to make your woody think the secret to eternal life and happiness lies in shooting globs of explosive cum out of your urethral opening!

    Tune in and read my review or I am gonna be hunting for you this weekend!

It’s A Shooshtime, Fellas!

    They do say that appearances matter, but it seems the fellas running this porn site were too busy throttling their venomous one-eyed snake to read the memo! What this means is that Shooshtime has an easily forgettable and unremarkable looking homepage. In fact, nothing really marks it out as a porn site, save for the images of nude and half-nude babes on the homepage.

    Now, the homepage has an off-white background color, with a search bar at the far left of the page, plus Submit, Login, and Registration tabs at the far right. Registration here is free and only site members can submit stuff. Register or not, I don’t give a merry shit!

    There are multiple tabs atop the page. These comprise the Videos, Galleries, Categories, Pornstars, HD Porn, Best Porn Sites, Porn Discounts, and Live Sex tabs. The Live Sex tab takes you to Royal Cams, the Porn Discount tab directs you to Discounted Porn com, the Best Porn Sites is just a shortcut for the Porn Dude, while the HD Porn option carries you willy nilly to Live Jasmin. So, do yourself a favor and ignore these 4 tabs like they have the plague and ebola too!

    As for the other tabs, the Pornstars tab has an alphabetical listing of pornstars, from Abella Anderson to Violet Myers. Seen Abella Anderson yet? Well, that chick has what could be the firmest and shapeliest set of coconut-sized breasties that I very dearly want to pop into my mouth and chew like tobacco. Do you think she would let me do that? And lest I forget, she does have a totally fab bubble butt that I would give my soul to use as a pillow for a month of Sundays! Clicking on the profile image of any chick in the Pornstars tab lets you access all her videos.

    So, the Categories tab has all the porn categories you have always been fantasizing about. These are arranged alphabetically, beginning with Amateur, Anal and Asian, and ending with Webcam Girls. WTF and XXX. Seriously don’t go near the WTF category unless you have a stomach that’s stronger than Kevlar. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    The Galleries tab has low-res images for the most part. You can upvote, downvote, hate, and add these images to your favorite if you are a member. Non-members can freely share and download images though.

    Galleries can be sorted by the most recent, commented most viewed, and top-rated. As for the Videos tab, this lets you choose from any video category you want to watch.

Shoosh, It’s Cumming Time!

    Well, let’s take a trip back to the homepage. I am certainly not a fan of the homepage design and it is a colorless piece of shit that even a parakeet could easily improve on. The homepage has video thumbnails on the left, plus the newest image galleries at the right. For the videos, the number of views they have garnered so far is listed, plus the categories they belong in.

    Homepage video titles include, Your Favorite Teen Dream Is Back for A Creampie, Last Week’s One Night Stand and Mind Blown When He Went Up Her Ass. The latter had almost 95 thousand views and lasted a little over 8 minutes. Shown was a pretty chick with small tits who rode her guy and let him fuck her in the cunt and asshole. She also let him nut in her mouth. I wonder how that tasted like!

    There are absolutely no video controls worth mentioning. You can watch videos on fullscreen and adjust the volume but that’s all. There are no options to tweak video quality, add captions, or anything else. Talking about quality, the video quality here is good for the purpose, but nothing to crow about. Video lengths are generally unimpressive.

What I Think has a fair assortment of smut, including plenty of free and amateur content you might not get elsewhere, but is easily forgettable in just about every way.

  • Very speedy registration process
  • Free and easy to use
  • Loads of amateur porn
  • Mobile Support
  • ❌ Not that much content
  • ❌ Not that many users
  • ❌Video quality could be better
  • ❌Site design is as bare-bones as they come