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Sexy EGirls

Sexy EGirls

SexyEGirls! Feeling lonely? Has social distancing from the ‘rona interfered with your usual routine of banging local fatties on Tinder? It may be a second choice to the feel of real, flabby flesh on flesh, but have you ever considered getting off to some Sexy Egirls? They generally don’t have the pot bellies and fucked-up teeth of the babes you’re used to, so their sexy bodies and pretty faces might well ruin your appreciation for your hometown girls. sprung up in April 2022, quickly earning a spot in the hearts, minds, and masturbatory fantasies of perverts around the Internet. In no time at all, these fuckers were pulling thousands upon thousands of visitors a day. How, you ask? It’s a pretty straightforward and tempting offer: they’re posting tons of nudes and free videos from some of the hottest sluts of social media.

All the Pretty Girls Want You to Look

From time to time, I hear these old motherfuckers complaining about how the younger generations are obsessed with the Internet and the 15-minutes of available fame to anyone with a nice rack and a willingness to flash it. Are you fucking kidding me? Only a fucking idiot would complain about this new crop of sexy attention whores who often happen to be real whores. If gorgeous young broads want to show off the goods, I’m just doing my part to give them the attention they’re looking for.

This new crop of self-made porn sluts has been kicking into overdrive thanks to this goddamn pandemic forcing everyone to stay home. We’re stuck in our porn lairs, fapping away and just burning through Fleshlight after Fleshlight after Fleshlight. Meanwhile, they’re stuck in their bedrooms, kitchens, studio apartments, mansions and pools, shaking their tits at the screen, twerking their booties for the camera, and sometimes fooling around with whole fruit in their various tight, moist orifices. focuses on exactly those sexy egirls. These are the beauties of OnlyFans, the sluts of Patreon, the babes of Instagram, the cosplay whores of Twitch and the chatty exhibitionists of YouTube. The site collects albums, galleries and videos from the web’s most sought-after fantasies, serving them in a big free care package of homemade smut.

These chicks are social-media savvy and know how to work their cameras to maximum effect. I tell you, Instagram and Snapchat are often mocked as vapid shitholes where rich people show off their possessions, but the format has really taught young Sexy-Egirls a masterclass in how to pose and shoot nudes and dirty movies. This ain’t the grainy, sloppy amateur porn your parents used to shoot. This is modern DIY smut, made by talented, beautiful women raised on social media, webcams, and a Kim-Kardashian Fuck-Me-On-Camera mentality.

The Sexiest Galleries on the Web

One of the most interesting things to me is that this new breed of porn babe is relatively lo-fi. We live in a world of 4K ultra-HD videos, interactive sex video games and full-on immersive virtual reality fuck flicks. By contrast, the dominant format at is galleries and photo albums from sites like OnlyFans and Patreon. Still, pictures haven’t been this popular since the early days of the Internet, when downloading a 40-second anal scene took 3 weeks and a stack of those free AOL CDs.

Maybe that will all change when Apple implements a 360-degree VR camera on the next iPhone, but until then, I don’t hear many perverts complaining. On the contrary, they’re clearly enamored by these young women, flocking to sites where the girls can be seen naked en masse. Speaking of, has over 10,000 saved albums from 2019 and 2022. Somebody was clearly building the collection even before the site launched, which is great news for you and me.

Nude photos and galleries are arguably easier to serve up than videos. They take up less bandwidth, for one, and honestly, galleries just look better with a clean layout. Sexy-Egirls, for their part, don’t get too fancy with the setup and delivery here. The design is simple and straightforward, their format hovering between blog-style updates and the wall-of-porn you see on any free video tube.

New updates come hard and fast at Sexy Egirls. Right now, they’re averaging around a dozen new galleries every day. Given the way the whole sexy egirl industry has picked up over the last few months, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if this rate increased. You’d better pop a few Viagra and start cranking it now if you want to keep up.

All of today’s current updates so far are OnlyFans updates, as this seems to be the site’s preferred source. I love the diverse mix of gorgeous Internet attention whores. In the last 12 hours alone, the site has been graced by an ebony goddess, a goth temptress, an exotic black/Asian nympho, an Asian schoolgirl, and a classic blonde-bimbo pornstar earning some bucks with a banana while the studios figure out how they’re going to start shooting again.

OnlyFans and Patreon Sluts Galore

Even if you’re new to the world of social media sluts, you’ll probably recognize some of the girls with OnlyFans and Patreon in the Most Views section of Sexy Egirls. These are literally some of the most-fapped-to women in the world right now. In the top row alone, they’ve got nude galleries from Cybersteph, Lauren Alexis, and Belle Delphine. Belle’s laying in the bathtub in her front-page thumbnail, and I have to wonder how much all that bathwater eventually sold for to some virgin neckbeard. Was that you who bought it?

Personally, I’m into Maria Fernana, AKA Fe Galvao, Sexy-Egirl’s #5 girl. They’ve got content of her Patreon content with 121 pictures. I clicked my way through to the gallery, hard as a rock by the time her collection of topless cosplay pics came into focus.

I’ll go ahead and warn you: even with my ad-blocking plugin running; I got a fair amount of pop-under spam while browsing the site. If you’re browsing on a laptop, I recommend right-clicking and opening all your links in a new tab instead of getting your view history all bungled and losing your place.

The gallery format is simple and unremarkable, letting the photos do all the talking. It’s just a wall of thumbnails leading to the full-size version, which is really all you need in a good fap gallery. There’s no zip file available, but internet savvy motherfuckers can easily download all the pics in a gallery with a click if you’ve got the right plugin.

Chat with Pervs on the Forum

I’ll admit, I still feel kind of weird beating off to a bitch in a Naruto headband, even when she’s got a beautiful set of jugs, mouthwatering gams and a juicy round ass. I’ve seen enough hentai and cosplay sites to know that most of you weeaboos don’t feel that way at all, and really eat that stuff up. The growing forum at Sexy-Egirls gives a similar impression.

They’re still finding their footing, but more and more members are signing up for the discussion forum every day. Sites like this often thrive on a robust community, and these guys have a thicker group of wankers than most sites this new. I guess when you’re giving out premium Insta-thots, it’s easier to gain traction than if you’re the nine-millionth lesbian tube.

The forum is broken down into subs devoted to the different Sexy Egirls sources like YouTube, Twitch, Patreon and OnlyFans, plus boards for Requests, Celebrities and Other. This is a new site, but the boards with heavier traffic already have hundreds of posts.

The biggest problem has is its pop-under spam. Let’s be honest, though: we all expected at least a little spam. Spam sucks, but I’ve seen enough porn sites to know that you cheapskates will put up with all kinds of nefarious bullshit just to get a piece of e-girls action for free. Sexy-Egirls doesn’t hit their viewers nearly as hard as some of those JAV depositories, and I didn’t see any malicious phishing shit here.

I usually wait longer to write up sites as new as Sexy-Egirls, because most of them pop up and die out with little fanfare. This one’s different, thanks in large part to their streamlined delivery of premium nudes, galleries and videos from the hottest bitches of the Internet.

  • top internet babes from onlyfans, patreon, instagram, etc
  • tons of updates every day
  • spam