ScandalPlanet review



    If you are like me, then you probably have one or more celebrities you are crushing on. Yeah, you no doubt would do anything to see your celebrity crush nude and engaged in all sorts of cum-promoting activities and that’s OK.

    One thing you should know is that celebrities are still normal humans with foibles and stuff. They make mistakes, like sleeping nude near an open window where a plucky photographer can take images they can sell for 6 figures. Or they upload nude images and sex clips to the cloud, where hackers can access and release them so you can fap like you have never done before!

    There’s loads of celebrity XXX content out there, of all types no less. Such content is hosted by sites like Scandal Planet, which offers scandalous content that positively makes your prostrate giddy with anticipation!…. Here’s my Scandal Planet review.

What A Scandal!

    Scandal Planet is positively a looker. The site design is not the best and there’s clutter everywhere. That clutter however consists of celebrity nudes and the like that could make a saint twist his cock in knots in his eagerness to cum like a boss!

    Black is the site background color and while it looks good I would have chosen something flashier. Tabs here consist of the Home, Nude Celebs, Celebrity Sex Tapes, Celeb Porn, Best Porn Sites, and Jerkmate. The last two are ads for The Porn Dude and Jerkmate respectively, with the Celeb Porn tab living up to its name by making available an impressive 33 pages of celeb porn, with titles like Reese Witherspoon Porn Video Leaked From Her iCloud, Iggy Azalea Sex Tape Stolen From Her Home, and Megan Fox Nude Photos And Leaked Sex Tape Porn Video.

    The Nude Celebs and Celebrity Sex Tapes tab have more celeb porn, possibly more than you need to get an aneurysm! Oh well, should you die in active cumming service, I am almost sure that the world will mourn your passing!

Smelling Celeb Pussy Served Hot!

    As I was saying, the Scandal Planet homepage has a homepage filled with all sorts of celeb porn, plus tabs that appear to mimic each other in how they function. To the right of the page is a search bar, plus a list of popular sex tapes and popular posts. One such popular post had a title that said: Kylie Jenner Nude and Porn With Travis Scott Leaked! Of course, I clicked on this, I mean, who wouldn’t want to see Kylie nude and watch her getting fed a hard slice of salami! It turns out that this post was somehow misleading in that while it had numerous images of a half nude and sometimes scantily clad Kylie, plus a single video of what looked like her getting fucked on a bed, watching the full video required your going to Celeb Porn Archive.

    Another entry in the Popular Sex Tapes listing was titled Ariana Grande Nude Leaked Photos and Porn Video. This post had numerous nude, half nude, and scantily clad images of Ariana, including an obviously fake one of her caressing her cunt with a Lovense. A video is available too, but seeing its full length requires your jumping to Celeb Porn Archive.

     Now, while there are loads of free images available on this site, downloading them gonna be hard, as there’s no download button in view. More, there are no options to view posted images in a slideshow format, which would have been the expected thing. However, images are mostly of good quality, and more than a few can do duty as your wallpaper background.

What I Think

    Scandal Planet is a promising site that however fails to live up to its hype. While there’s loads of good stuff here, there’s also plenty of fake celeb porn, plus all but the first few seconds of every video is unavailable unless you opt to go off-site. Overall, Scandal Planet is bound to disappoint but should be enough for most needs

  • Good site design
  • 138+ pages of free celebrity-focused smut
  • Mobile Support
  • ❌ The site could use more polish
  • ❌ Fake celeb porn
  • ❌Video content not available
  • ❌Content downloads not supported