PeeFans review



It’s time for confessions. So, I often pee on my bed whenever I fall asleep dead drunk. And then shamefacedly wash my bedsheets once I wake in the early afternoon with a monumental hangover. I guess I could make a killing if I'm brave enough to put cameras in my bedroom and let strangers watch me pee on my bed in my drunken state!

Yes, pee is a moneymaker, and that even if the bladder you are peeing from does not belong to the likes of Cleopatra or Caesar! The truth is that a lot of us are erotically attracted to pee and pissing and will pay loads of money to see that fetish satisfied. That’s why pee sites are all over the place and why you and I should better start looking for that slightly weird billionaire who wants to see us shake a leg and pee up a tree!

Pee sites like are where some pee-loving folks spend their time and eyeball current on. This is a forum that has lots of pee-marvelous content for the discerning to fap to. Ready for my review? Then take a peep at it with your pee-pee!

It’s The Pee For Me!

    A site about pee and pissing. That still feels a little weird. But then that might be because darling Rihanna is yet to reply to my email asking for a golden shower at any place of her choosing!

So, Pee Fans has a standard homepage design that stands out just like a blade of grass in a forest. There’s lots more color to it than I expected though and near the top of the homepage is a gif of a guy in diapers moving his ass around. This is an ad and if you click on it you will be visiting ABDLMatch or other sites whether you want to or not.

There’s an amazingly diverse list of options here. The top left of the homepage has a logo of a nude woman peeing, while there’s a search bar at the opposite end of the page. The main tabs grant access to the forum, lets you log in or register, check out all activities and the leaderboard, sign up for Gold membership, access all pee videos, and live chat with site members. Some tabs take you off-site though, and the middle finger to them.

Next to the sign-in and sign-up tabs at the right of the page are a pair of user customization options. One lets you switch from day mode to night mode. The other enables the customization of the site background color. Yes, you can pick and choose from a variety of background colors here, and that gives you a sorta feeling of being in charge.

Now we are done with tabs let me tell you what the rest of the homepage is packing. To the right is a short list of recently active topics like New Piss Adventures, Little Leaks, and Bedroom Carpet Piss, plus stuff that's popular at the moment and a list of the most popular and active contributors. The setup makes it easy to find the most popular contributors by week, month, year, and all time and yes, my name is not there!

Most of the homepage is taken up by forum stuff and this is hosted in what's called The Wet Zone. This has threads dedicated to pee videos, pee pictures, questions, stories, encounters, and pee-related websites. The rest of the page has a list of online members, a video thread for Gold members only, and a couple of threads dedicated to general chat and random sexy talks.

Thread topics at the latter include Small Boobs, Dirty Pant Fetish, School Dress Up, and Ass Carrot. The Ass Carrot post was made on June 1 and showed a girl shoving a carrot in her ass, and then eating this smelly piece of fruit. The Dirty Pant thread, on the other hand, is not the sort of thing you check out if you are shoving down a meal.

The Matter Of Videos

    Now, there's a Video Gallery tab perched atop the homepage. But access to that content is denied to those who are not on the Gold Membership plan and this is not free, costing 30 pounds for 3 months and 90 pounds for 12 months.

There's a Pee Pictures thread with post titles like Peeing From Behind, Caught Me Wiping and Crazy Public Pissing and access to this is unrestricted. Images are of average quality, can be zoomed in and viewed in a slideshow format. Downloads are however not possible, but you can right-click and save any image you like.

The Videos thread is a different kettle of fish. Relatively few videos can be found and all require a subscription to the Gold Membership plan before access is allowed. Thankfully, there are plenty of links on the Pee Videos thread posted by members which can be clicked for content access on other platforms, like and Pornhub.

I don't know how many people are card-carrying members of this crazy XXX site. And that was not by lack of trying. The fact is that all you can see here is a list of members and guests who are currently online. Their total number is not revealed and this feels somehow.

What I Think of PeeFans

    Pee Fans is by and large outstanding, for pee lovers and those who like talking about sexual matters that is. Its biggest con is that videos are not free and that makes no sense to me.

Overall though the site delivers in most areas and is worth some pissful attention.

  • Clean site design
  • Tons of user options
  • Lots of threads and posts
  • Pic's galore
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile Support
  • ❌ Ad's
  • ❌ Videos are not free