OHentai review




    Forget about Mia Khalifa and other flesh and blood sluts, there’s some serious toon porn out there that can make you hard enough to drill a school bus-sized hole in the barn with your woody if you are so inclined! Yeah, that’s some pretty rad shit right there!

    Toon porn sites are as plentiful these days as open pussies stacked at the doorway of the fella with the biggest cock in your street! OHentai.org is one of the toon porn sites I have had my eyes on for a while and I will be reviewing it today. With that in mind, tune in with all your heart and mind or I will be alerting the sheriff as to that massive stack of one-legged dwarf porn and Vaseline you got hidden in your basement!

Oh, Cumming Hentai!

    I am not really a fan of the OHentai Org name. Catchy and memorable it is not.

    So, the site follows the usual pornsite format, has its page filled with hentai video thumbnails, with enough tabs being scattered around to fight World War III afresh! A deep black is what the backdrop is colored with and I am ambivalent as to whether or not it matches the overall tone of the site.

    A search bar lies at the top left of the page and next to it are the AllOs, All Series, Favorites, and Tags tabs. The first of these takes you to every content on the site, while the second lists all the hentai series to be had like Apartment, Anal Workout, and Babuka, and these are all arranged in alphabetical order and are more numerous than the fishes at the local pond. The Favorites tab only works if you have previously liked content and added these to your favorite list, while the Tags tab has enough tags in it to finally stone the devil into submission!

Some Like It Toon

    There are some hentai categories arranged vertically at the far left of the homepage. I guess these are supposed to be useful, but honestly, they are a bit distracting. Video thumbnails aplenty decorate the homepage and these do not move or play when you hover a cursor on them. The only thing that moves there is an ad for an XXX game I have no intention of playing.

    Just above the video thumbnails are sorting options that let you go right to the newest, most viewed, and most liked content. You can also sort videos alphabetically. Apart from an image and title, video thumbnails also have numbers that indicate their total amount of views and likes, which can come in useful when selecting the most popular toon porn you want to treat your woody to for being such a good boy lately!

    Content titles on OHentai Org are mostly in Japanese and make as much sense as the theory of relativity would to a caveman! Some sample titles in English include Amanda: Episode 1, Izumo: Episode 1, Magical Sleepover U, and Linda: Episode 5.

    In case you are wondering, the Linda toon has episodes 1 to 6. It is well made, featuring a rather pretty chick with long legs, medium-sized tits, perfect bubble butt, and intense cock sucking abilities. Episode 1 here runs to 8 minutes, and shows this lass eating dick and getting fucked back to Babylon!

    Now, video playback options are basic and all you can do is opt to watch stuff in fullscreen mode or not. You can’t tweak the playback quality if you tried. But you can like videos and report them for any reason you decide on, plus comments/discussions are supported.

What I Think of OHentai

    OHentai does not do itself any favors with its somewhat comical name, but it does have a shitload of content that all toon lovers should be interested in or see themselves cast into the wilderness! Its biggest drawback are ads on the page and pop-up ads that spring up when something is clicked on. But overall this is one solid toon site that deserves a visit as soon as you can get your hand off your throbbing joystick and get serious about cumming on toon stuff!

  • 139 pages of content
  • Good and intuitive site design
  • Regular uploads
  • Fair content sorting options
  • Comprehensive tags and series to choose from
  • Mobile Support
  • Ads