NewGrounds review



    NewGrounds is breaking new grounds so to speak. It is not an adult gaming site per se, but more like an all-around entertainment center hosting cartoons, music, artsy stuff, and more and meant for all age groups. Think of it as a Jack of all trades, though this Jack has some bite to it and knows its business!

    Here’s my review. Give your able snake some room to breathe and check out this lovely review of mine!

A Professional Operation

    For sure NewGrounds com is a professional operation. There has to be some experienced pros heading and managing it and the site design is a slick and classy piece of work.

    The homepage is dark greyish, with varied monsters showing their teeth in the background, possibly in preparation for Halloween. No, they do not look like they are asking for a kiss, so do not even think of coming close for a peck! The homepage is crowded but in a kind of nice way. Still, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when you try to take in too much too fast.

    A search bar is positioned at the top middle part of the page and at the right of it are the Login and Sign Up tabs. Signing up is free and all you need is your email and a password, but you must be at least 13-years old, or the site admins will set the boogeyman after you! By registering you can make posts on the site, and write reviews of viewed content, plus befriend and send private messages to members. Swell!

    The main tabs on the site consist of the Movies, Games, Audio, Art, Portal, Community, and Your Feed, and these all do what they promise. At the left of the homepage is content related to daily picks, artist news, and the best new games and movies and these are pasted vertically. Featured games, movies, art, and audio, as well as featured series and collections, plus legendary games occupy most of the homepage real estate.

    There’s also some content sorting options at the bottom of the homepage and a few of these are not seen anywhere else. And finally, you get links to the site Steam, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts at the very bottom of the homepage. Nothing there at the very bottom but these four, looking like a foursome is the only thing on their minds and they have no intention of using lube or protection, nor do they plan on keeping the noise down. Nasty fellows all!

Adult Games

    We are on to check out its adult game collection, remember? So stay alert and see what this site has to impress with in that area.

    To find adult games quickest on New Grounds, just go to This roundabout route is because the site is also a popular place for young teens and has to make it harder for them to stumble across adult content.

    Now, there are 7 pages of adult games on the site and categories comprise Adult Toons, Adult Games, Dress Up Hentai, Dating Sims, Hentai, and Gay Adult. Sample titles include Together Again. Love Sucks: Night One, Orc Waifu, and Hot Goomba Sex. XXX Game image thumbnails apart from their title are equipped with a rating and view indicator and this comes in handy when quickly determining if a game might be good enough to be granted the privilege of entertaining you.

    Games here are Flash-based. Thus, to play them you will need to download, install and run Flash. If you don’t have this, you can easily download, install and run the New Grounds Player and it does the same thing. A few games can be downloaded and played off-site though and usually in higher quality.

    Some games are just demos, but there’s plenty of full content to have fun with. I liked Biocock Intimate and yes, it is a parody of that famous game from Irrational Games that we will all pretend never to have heard of! Only a demo version of this particular game is available though, but what there was hella entertaining.

    Gay Dreams: Pizza Deliver was another game that caught my attention in a delish way. This game falls under the Gay Adult category and is just a little bit overly crude for my sanity. Plus the male characters are too buff and I feel like they are subconsciously telling me to go work out this weekend and I would rather pound sand in a glass jar than do that! There’s even Metal Gear Solid X, another Gay Adult category game. I am not sure, but Hideo Kojima might love a game like this, but then he might go mental and sue the hell out of whoever put it together!

    The porn games on this site mostly look retro, almost like you are playing them on an ancient Atari previously owned by your grandpa! But there are modern ones that look like they could be played on third generation game consoles.

    When you click on any game here, you get taken to a new page. The top of this is where the game can be played. A brief description plus comments of the game creator is below, as well as a credit and info section that tells you who posted the game, how many views it has had so far, and how many people have rated it, plus the upload date. Options allow you to follow the guy that posted the game and see more of his work, and you can as well leave comments and ratings.

    The content upload frequency as it relates to XXX games on the site is however not something to boast about.

What I Think of NewGrounds

    NewGrounds impresses with its overall look and user interface, as it should since it has been in operation since 1995. The site has a decent amount of XXX games, but access to these can be troublesome and they are usually not the best-looking XXX games to be had.

    Overall, NewGrounds does a good enough job to be worth considering and should be befriended.

  • Lots of free games
  • Cool site design
  • Content ratings and comments supported
  • Mobile Support
  • ❌ Limited sorting options
  • ❌Very irregular content uploads
  • ❌Games are mostly the retro type