Motherless Amateur review

Motherless Amateur

Motherless Amateur

I always considered Motherless the “4chan” of porn. Not only because Motherless was somewhat popularized there, but because Motherless also encourages users to share their own content in a very open way. This means minimal bullshit like moderation and censorship, and a strong “anything goes” attitude that leads to free and extreme content. It encourages people to create and upload their own homegrown content, like videos of their girlfriend pissing or spycam videos of their cousin. Unfortunately, this also meant a lot of questionable content. has toned down a lot since back then. You’ll be much more hard-pressed to find extreme hardcore shit there now, and the site now mostly consists of interesting or weird content that can sometimes just leave you fucking confused. Luckily, it also has an outstanding amateurs section with some hot ass babes and tight ass pussies as well.

Motherless is all about the community. When you find some bitch you like, your best bet here is to find the user who uploaded it and then browse their content. You may get lucky and find a whole treasure trove of the bitch and her various orifices. It’s not just about porn either. One of the most popular videos right now is an art video of a nude chick painted like a lizard, crawling around and looking exactly like a bigass fucking lizard. I mean, I guess I could jerk off to it…but that type of crap just makes me wanna watch it first, and then jerk off afterwards, you know? My point is, the content is highly varied, and you’ll find yourself thinking “where the fuck did they find this recording?”

Focusing on the amateur section, it has over 350k videos, 1.7M pics, and you can best believe you’ll find some good and rare stuff here. Like with the rest of the place, it’ll be easy to find some great content, but if you’re really looking for something specific you’ll need to dig around. Don’t underestimate the pic selection either, cause there’s some really rare shit.

Clean as can be

I’m a huge fan of Motherless’s layout. It’s clean yet modern looking, and the ads are really tastefully done (more on this later). The videos are neatly organized, and navigating the site is really smooth with minimal bullshit.

The layout starts with videos at the top, pictures in the middle, and galleries at the bottom. After the galleries are the “Groups”, which is basically collections of different genres. Other major groups include “Public”, “High Quality”, “cuteandsweet”, I mean you get the point. These groups are a great place to see some top porn that’ll have you cumming buckets.

Finally, we have the “Board Posts”. Again, this place is all about community, and they have some disturbingly active forum users. Check out this crazy motherfucker asking a very important question: “I confess that I am sincerely perplexed by the purpose or reasoning behind a facial. I understand the…” like holy fucking shit dude! How the FUCK were you raised? Just bust a goddamn nut and shut the fuck up!

But such strangely deep conversations are common in this place. Overall, the layout is simple, logical, and minimal ads. One of the best.

A Farmer’s Market of porn, and a lot of it IS organic

Motherless is all about user uploads, so basically the quality and quantity of content is determined by how large its user base is. Luckily for us, Motherless has been a popular porn site for many years now, and its user base is one of the most active you’ll find on any site. Therefore, there is a shitload of content. On the other hand, Motherless doesn’t really feature videos that well. The site also has a lot of weird content that you’ll find either shitty or disgusting, so you may want to watch your step if you catch my drift.

To be honest, if you are just trying to bust a nut, you may be better served elsewhere. On a mainstream site, you’ll basically be finding 7-8/10 content to bust a nut to really quickly and easily. Here, you can easily find yourself digging through 1/10 and 2/10 content trying to find those raw gems, especially gems that you’ve never seen before or can’t find anywhere else. I mean it’s worth it cause that nut you bust will be strong enough to bend steel, but it does eat up a lot of time…

What I Like

Definitely the place for content that’ll make you look twice. You’ll run into more than a handful of videos that just make you pause and say “huh…”. It’s a bizarre place, the kind of place I would’ve run away from when I was a kid, but as a jaded adult now I think it’s fun as hell. You can just tell there are some fucked up people here uploading some fucked up shit. But I don’t want you to think this site isn’t good for jerking off- there’s plenty of working material, especially in the amateurs section.

Also, I can’t say enough about how this site deals with ads. The main page basically has no ads except for two banners at the bottom. If all porn sites were like this, maybe my computer wouldn’t be so infested with viruses and fucked up stuff!

The site also features NudeVista video links, although I don’t know whether that’s a partner thing or actually a service. When you click on a video, sometimes you will get a pop-up ad alongside the video, but it’s not too bad. Just something about the way the site gives you ads doesn’t feel offensive, and you won’t find any surprises or bullshit as you look around.

For me though, this site is all about the Groups. Looking at shit in a group called “Daddy!” is just so much better than browsing the “incest” category on another porn site. Do you get what the fuck I’m saying? Not only is it more specific, but it also captures the feeling that I’m looking for. Another example is “lace socks” – you know, when you just can’t bust a nut without laces on her socks. Well congrats bitch, Motherless got a group devoted to it. In the end, isn’t that all we really want?

One tip I have is to check out the “most commented” pics and videos, cause that’s the shit that got people’s attention one way or another.

What I hate

You really do have to dig through a lot of shit sometimes. When you just wanna bust a nut, honestly, you’ll end up just clicking on the NudeVista video links at the top sometimes just to actually get an easy good video for once. I really just use Motherless when I’m looking for some shit I know I’ve never seen before. It’s also useful when you want to find that real rare and weird shit but again, be prepared to put some work in. Although I will say the navigation has gotten a lot better than long ago.


There isn’t much to hate about this site. There’s a ton of exclusive content, they have minimal ads, and they have a good variety. Rather than a criticism, I’d say the site could be improved if it better hand-selected content for you. The search engine isn’t that sophisticated, and I don’t think the site has a good understanding of the shit that people are loving.


Motherless lives up to its name – if your mama catches you seeing some of this shit she’ll definitely disown you. On the other hand, maybe they should’ve called this site Fatherless cause all the bitches on this site are definitely fatherless ass hos. I mean, there’s a lot of weird and sick shit here, believe me.

I think as Motherless became more moderated in the past couple of years, it actually became a better porn site. Before, a lot of Motherless was based more on shock and extreme shit- frankly, that’s what made it famous. I will also admit that Motherless was a more “interesting” site back then. But now Motherless is best used as a genuine porn site, and you’ll find a ton of worthwhile content here. I definitely don’t come here anymore without my cock out.

The thing about Motherless is that it is tailor-made for amateur content. The fact that Motherless has a big and active community means people are constantly uploading their own homegrown shit. This is best shown by the fact that the first thing you see when you go to the site is bitches who have “” drawn or tattoo’d all over their pussies. That shit ain’t photoshop, people fucking love this place. If you are willing to really dig deep through the site’s content, you will be rewarded with some really good bitches.

  • huge, passionate, and productive amateur community
  • offers videos, images, and galleries across broad categories
  • a good place to find videos you won’t find anywhere else, especially homegrown shit
  • sensible ads
  • Mobile Support
  • you’ll need to dig, sometimes a lot, to find the stuff you’re looking for
  • the free flow of content from its early days has slowly become compromised (understandably)