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What’s up, horny fuckers? Guess who just got done with another marathon session of babes backing up into some big balls? This guy! And boy, do I have something to share! Have you ever wondered what the Arabian world has to offer other than the hot weather, beautiful architecture, and threats to Western civilization? Hot bitches is what! Yeah, that’s right! If you were ever wondering what was under those straight jackets, you would be pleasantly surprised. It’s usually a hot piece of ass! What’s more, is that hot piece of ass isn’t always saving herself for her husband.

You might have heard of the brutal consequences for girls acting like sluts in Arabic countries. But, if there’s one thing you and I both know: sluts will always find a way to be sluts. Thankfully for us, iXXX has a collection of about 250,000 Arabic sluts posting themselves online for our pleasure. Let’s pray that they don’t get caught!

iXXX is a content aggregator filled with some of the highest quality videos on the internet. And I mean it. Most aggregator sites don’t really focus too much on the quality of their videos. They tend to just pull as many videos from the internet as they can and slap them into categories. iXXX has not only taken special care to create a clean user interface, but it also has hand-picked some of the highest-quality videos from porn sites all across the internet. This site is a cut above the rest. I’ll tell you now, my pervy friends, I had a fucking great time. They have earned a visitor for life!

I got curious to see what their Arab section was like, and I was blown the fuck away. I couldn’t believe they had these kinds of girls in the Arabic world. Well, to be honest, I knew that there were such girls all around the world, just not like this. A lot of these girls are fucking wild. The shocking thing is that there are so many of them! If you want to turn your idea of a conservative and modest Muslim lifestyle upside down, iXXX is the place to go. I’m not even Muslim, and even I thought I would get in trouble!

Budget Pornhub

When you enter the website, the first thing you’ll notice is the color scheme. It’s got the same black and yellow theme as Pornhub. And although it’s not precisely as fancy a design, it looks clean and sharp. Just how I like it. There are no annoying pop-ups, no fucking banner ads trying to sell me dick enlargement pills, or “horny grannies in my area.”

There aren’t any over-the-top banners or buttons either. There’s just a search bar at the top and a clean and simple navigation bar below. Fucking perfect. I don’t need to click in and out of the fucking page or in-between links that didn’t need to be there.

The site’s overall layout oozes professionalism; I was surprised that the content didn’t belong to the site! Like XVIDEOS (one of my personal favorites), you can find the option to toggle between straight, gay, and trans videos. Quick question, how many Arabian shemales do you think exist? Well, iXXX has collected videos of around 4500 of them! So if you ever wanted to know what a girl in a hijab with a cock looks like, today’s your lucky day! (Don’t worry; I won’t tell your secret to anyone!)

Above the videos, you’ll find one of the cleanest filters you’ll ever see on a porn site. Seriously, I’m so impressed! Usually, it’s a jumbled mess if a porn aggregator even cares enough to put a filter on its page. Most of the time, you won’t even be able to choose more than two filters simultaneously. iXXX, on the other hand, lets you search for HD videos, between 5-10 minutes, posted within the last two days, and exclusively from 4KPorn. Newbie sites, take fucking note. If you stopped beating your dicks to your uploads, this is what you could be.

Princess sluts of the Arabian Peninsula

Honestly, as someone who’s seen it all, even I was surprised by some of the shit these Arabian sluts get up to. It turns out that the more conservative a country is, the more depraved its sluts will be. (Just look at the kind of fucked up shit that comes out of Japan!) Well, it seems like the Arab world has some of the most depraved sluts in the whole fucking world. And these girls upload videos of themselves every fucking day!

I’m watching videos of girls from Egypt fuck three guys at a time and girls from Pakistan fucking their in-laws. It’s fucking glorious. And the best thing is, these girls are all real. Well, okay, not all of them. Some of these girls are pros, and there’s a good chance they live somewhere in LA. (There probably aren’t that many black dicks for these bitches to suck in Pakistan.) But, most of these videos are uploaded by your run-of-the-mill whores.

I heard that there are dire consequences for a bitch caught cheating in some Arabian countries. Shit that I wouldn’t even wish on my ex-girlfriend. So, that makes me wonder why there are literally thousands of sluts who upload videos of themselves cheating on their husbands! I swear, these bitches have no fear! I saw a video of a married girl riding the dick of another married guy! They were really going at it too! I started getting nervous watching it! What the fuck is going to happen to them if they get caught? That didn’t stop me from getting off to it, though. That kind of bravery gets my cock rock hard!

If you’re looking for a little voyeurism, you can watch an Arabian couple fucking in a park. Yes! You really did just read that right! I stumbled across a video of some creep recording a couple going at it in public. I couldn’t imagine the kind of adrenaline you must feel from fucking like animals in the middle of a Persian park. I think I saw fucking mosque in the background!

But don’t worry; Muslim moms squirting while their husbands are praying in the other room isn’t the only content you will find. (Although, I wouldn’t mind if it were!) You will also get a good look at some of the finest sluts to ever come out of the Arabian Peninsula. I had the pleasure of stumbling on a video of the one and only Mia fucking Khalifa! That’s right; your boy busted to Pornhub’s 2015 #1 pornstar! Lebanon’s finest creation since bomb shelter parties!

You can find the best of all the filth the Arabian world offers on iXXX. These guys have made it their mission to hand-pick the finest content on the web, and they have some of the most extensive collections I have ever seen. If you’ve ever wondered what a modest Muslim lady would look like getting railed, look no further. You can see gorgeous brown beauties with cum stained hijabs getting freakier than you could ever dream!

The best parts

Unlike most porn aggregators, there’s a shit load of HD content. It means that not every video is being recorded on a shitty iPhone in someone’s bedroom. (But I know that’s not going to stop you from getting off, you little freak!) I’m super impressed by how many HD videos are available for absolutely free on this site!

What’s more, is that most of the sites don’t terrorize your computer with ads. Unfortunately, when you’re using a website like this, you’re most likely going to suffer an explosion of ads from one video or another. Somehow, iXXX has managed to avoid the sites that pose the most risk to your CPU performance. Bravo, boys! Bravo!

Another thing that sets iXXX apart from most porn aggregators is its rating system. Once you’re done busting to Muslim moms, you can come back to give the site a thumbs up or thumbs down. You can even see the rating percentage at the side of the thumbnail!

What could be better

I’ve been reviewing porn sites for as far as I can remember. I’ve seen it all. Shit, I even helped make some of them! Some people have even called me the arbiter of the porn world. I’ve seen pretty much every slut site there’s to see. There haven’t been many times where I don’t have a bad thing to say about a website. This just happens to be one of those times! The site is damn near perfect!

Tips from ThePornOF

While the design of the thumbnails is phenomenal, I would suggest having some kind of preview. Sure, you can’t just jack a video from another website and put snippets of it on yours. However, sites like alohatube.com use slideshows of snapshots from the videos. I’d like to be able to judge just how freaky these bitches get before I click to another site.


A lot of the porn aggregators you see tend to half-ass their content. They’ll usually just grab a bunch of videos from anywhere and throw them on their site. Some of them don’t even care to use a proper category system! iXXX has made a special effort to make its content as clean and accessible as possible. They’ve got limitless categories, granular filters, as many HD videos as any top site, and a fucking rating system!

This site makes most aggregator sites look like something your retarded cousin came up with on a weekend. I spent way too long on here, and I’m sure you will too. iXXX gets ThePornOF’s stamp of approval. Bravo!

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