HClips review



Man, I love amateur porn at H Clips aka Private Home Clips. It’s not always HD or 4k, but the fucking content is so much better than studio stuff. There is something about knowing that the slut sucking dick on the screen is real that gets me diamonds. These girls aren’t getting paid to take the cum shot, get fucked in the ass, or do any of the kinky shit they’re doing. And you know they are loving every single second of it. Especially if they’re the ones posting their videos online.

HClips.com aka PrivateHomeClips.com is a site dedicated to pumping out the very best amateur porn videos, galleries, and more. H Clips has only been around since 2015, but they have been going strong at nearly 62 million site views since they started. That’s a lot of traffic! But then again, amateur porn is fucking booming right now. The internet age has brought us at least one thing good, right? The future is now. Watch some horny MILF in Asia get gangbanged by her friends without leaving the comfort of your own house.

Standard Site Design Done Well

HClips aka PrivateHomeClips looks pretty standard as far as porn sites go. White background, lots of thumbnails, the whole nine yards. But the front page is organized pretty well. When you first visit the site, you see a long list of categories running down the left side of the screen with a large section showing off previews of the hottest porn videos in the United States. Not bad, it’s all framed well and balanced. You can always tell it’s an amateur site by the titles of the videos. We have gems here like “The obese sandwich cunt of my large nice-looking woman white lady screwed hard” and “Slut is pulling a big cock.” Absolute masterpieces of creativity. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

The videos that are “hot” all seem to be 1-3 years old, so I would recommend scrolling down a bit to check out the recommended feed for more recent content. The previews themselves are crisp and actually animated! That’s right, no still images here. You get animated previews from parts of the video by simply hovering your cursor over the video. If only more sites did this. HClips, keep it up. Another good feature is the tab up in the very top right that lets you change your video preferences to straight, gay, or shemale. Toggling this will make all of the videos you search fall under that category.

Other than animated previews, the thumbnails offer up information like video length, views, when it was posted, title, and if it’s in HD or not. Unfortunately, you can’t toggle the quality at all. Imagine if you could toggle quality in real life? Make some ugly 3/10 an instant dime piece? Phew, I definitely don’t need that kind of power. But yeah, you’re stuck with the video quality you get. Judging by the videos, I’d say that their “HD” vids are 720p and their other ones are less than that. I didn’t spy any 1080p gems hiding in the rough here. But there are tons of 720p vids here to choose from. Not bad for a free porn site!

Tons of Menus and Options to Narrow your Search

If you don’t see what you’re aching for on the front page, then free a hand and head over to their movies, albums, categories, or channels pages. Movies are what you would expect. It’s all of their amateur porn videos for you to explore at once. You can sort by new, top, length, etc. Same with the albums page. You get user-uploaded amateur porn picture galleries that you can sort by views and ratings. There’s some really good shit in there. Husbands and wives going at it, hook up pictures, all kinds of fap-worthy material to horde.

Most of the categories are set up for you on the left side of the site, but if you click over to the categories page you get way fucking more. Each category has a preview image on it, so you know just what you are getting yourself into. As a bonus, HClips also lets you know how many videos fall under that category. “Swallow Cum” has around 8 thousand videos while their “anal” section has a whopping 52 thousand. Fuck, that is a lot of stretched out holes. Clicking through any of these categories will take you to a page with all of the vids in that category, and you can filter them out by ratings, length, and video quality.

The Channels page has a similar set-up but for videos posted by certain porn sites. Some of the stuff here is studio-quality, but you only get clips. It’s like an ad page for other popular porn sites. Still some good content here though. There is also a tab from Live Sex Cams but be warned that it will take you to a different site called camrabbit.com. It looks pretty decent for a cam site, but that’s a review for another day.

Very Few Ads, Decent Video Quality

When you have finally found the perfect, hottest video to jerk it to you can click through and watch without much effort. You might get a pre-video ad, but it’s nothing too extreme. You just wait a few seconds and you are good to go. The only options for the video are full screen and an audio toggle. What else do you need anyway? Around the video will be a bunch of ads, but I didn’t experience any annoying pop-ups, redirects, or IM ads. Pretty safe all around.

If you see some whore on here that you really like, then you can actually add them as a friend if you have an account. Accounts let you chat with other members, comment on videos, download content, and upload your own kinky shit to the site. It’s all free, so if you’re into that kind of shit then I would recommend making one. In the community tab you can also sort by girls, guys, currently online, or verified models. Maybe you’ll find someone to trade pics with or meet up. I know you lonely fucks are craving some attention. You just might find it here.

Great Mobile Site!

The mobile experience is surprisingly nice. The layout on mobile is pretty different and you can tell its actually been designed for mobile instead of just a poorly ported over desktop site. Slick design, all of the videos load quickly, and the menu is easy to use and nice to look at. There are more ads on mobile, but nothing overbearing. You can click out of any ad that pops up easily and get back to the video easily. Just make sure to close out of the site completely or it’ll show a preview of the video on your lock screen when you close it out. It’s just because of the video player they are using. Don’t worry, the site hasn’t taken over your phone.

ThePornOF’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature on the site is probably their categories pages. There is so much fucking content here to browse. Most sites have a lot of categories, but HClips wins in my opinion. They tell you how many videos are in each category and you get a sweet pic of the category before you click through. That’s just pretty fucking awesome.

The community section is great as well. You can look through and find the most obscure sluts on here. There are all kinds of kinky people in there having fun. Plus, you can upload your own steamy porn videos for the world to see. If you have never jerked it to your own porn, then I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. Let that exhibitionist free and get involved in this fetish community.

ThePornOF’s Suggestions

As far as suggestions go, I’d like to see an option to toggle the quality of the videos. Even if you don’t have 1080p shit, I’d still like to adjust it up or down from the few options there are. Sometimes you have to jerk off using a shitty connection and you need to drop that quality down to pixel town. Other than that, this site is doing it right. Free content, amateur babes, and a great selection of categories.

ThePornOF’s Final Thoughts

I don’t know what you’re waiting for. If you made it this far then you must be ready to go check out the amateur chicks over at hclips.com (often misspelled as "hcclips"). It’s a solid site with quality, free content, and a great user interface. Get to it!

  • tons of amateur content
  • not a lot of ads!
  • extensive categories page
  • no video quality controls