FatPussyTube review




    I can beat my chest and say I have never touched, licked, or poked into pussies that weren’t at least as fat as a double order of ham and eggs! Yeah, I have a thing for fat pussies and can spend all day spread-eagled on the bed, licking sense into one, smelling its spicy goodness, and fingering it for all I am worth, which is not much in fact, as my bank manager can always be relied on to say!

    Fat pussies make this cruel world more bearable. Without them around, folks like me would be running riot in the street naked as the day we were born, demanding for our indispensable right to have a sweet and fat pussy to call our very own and poke into like there's no tomorrow!

    Anyway, there’s a site dedicated to fat pussies that I am gonna review today. Called Fat Pussy Tube, you go there to see the kind of fat pussies the angels on high better be serving up when you travel to the great beyond, or the kind of fat pussies you will be diving into when you become a king right here on earth! Here’s my Fat Pussy Tube review.

Pussies So Fat You Wet Yourself!

    Fat Pussy Tube is a site that focuses on the promotion of ladies whose main claim to fame is having the fattest and sweetest pussies on the globe. We are talking about slits that are so thick that if they were made into hamburgers you will have difficulty fitting them into your mouth!

    Anyway, this is a free site, which means you are free to cum and drool all over as many fat pussies as your cock can handle without exploding! There are no tabs in evidence on the Fat Pussy Tube homepage and the homepage itself is the standard affair filled with large and colorful image category thumbnails. You get Fat Teen, Fat Mature, Fat Schoolgirl, Fat Ebony category thumbnails, and a great many more.

    One of these category thumbnails had a label that said Fat Bubble Butt. With bubble butts being my weakness, this was the category I went to first, and at such speed as to make a jet interceptor look slow! Once there, I found a page of content with the runtime listed but no titles that can be seen. Hovering a cursor on these content will not make them play. Runtime varies, but most videos in this section appear to be over 10 minutes long.

The Great Discovery

    I spent a few minutes clicking the content in the Fat Bubble Butt category. Every click opened a new tab on sites like Xhamster, BBWMILFTube, and Pornhat. A little stupefied, I went back to the homepage and clicked on another category image thumbnail and the content it came with, only to have the same thing happen.

    Yeah, it turns out that rather than hosting enough fat pussy porn to make the Pope cross-eyed and hornier than a satyr that just downed a tub of Viagra, Fat Pussy Tube is actually a porn aggregator website. To that effect, it crawls all over the porn universe, selecting stuff that has to do with fat pussies and listing these on its page so that suckers like you and I can click on these and be directed to these sites. What it does not do is actually host a spit of content, which is a massive downer.

What I Think

    Fat Pussy Tube had me all excited for a while, before dumping my sorry ass in the gutter! Here I was thinking the site might be the place where I got to see all the fat pussies in the world and get so thrilled I jerk my cock around like I am gunning for a podium finish in the Dakar Rally! Instead, a porn aggregator site was what I dived into and I am in the mood at the moment to kick someone in the nuts and hear them scream my name!

    Wait a moment, it is not as bad as that. Sure, Fat Pussy Tube is just a porn aggregator site, but it does an excellent job of saving you the task of searching for sluts with fat pussies getting their fat meat cooked, fried, and drizzled on by mandigos and average cocks in the mood to divide, conquer and drown cunts in gallons of jism!

    I am in the mood to recommend Fat Pussy Tube for you all. So go there and see what the world looks like when you got your head so far up a fat pussy you can see all the eggs and ovaries you care for!

  • Free
  • No ad's
  • Plenty of XXX categories
  • Site design is eye-catching and intuitive
  • ❌ Relatively limited content
  • ❌ Nothing is actually hosted on the site