Efukt review




    Efukt.com prides itself as a site that delivers adult humor for adults. The content is meant to shock and entertain, and then get viewers laughing like hyenas!

    There are other sites like these floating around the polluted sea that is the internet, but it is Efukt alone that we will be reviewing today. Tune in for laughs and some cumming exercise!

Laugh Like An Adult, Cum Like An Animal!

    The Efukt homepage looks like it was designed for a witch or fortune teller. The site background is a deep black and an image of an owl standing in the moonlight seems to be the logo. And ow, the owl has a tiny human penis.

    Video, pics, and GIF tabs are near the top of the page. Also present are porn sites and live sex links, a search bar, links to the site forum and options to upload content.

    Like we said, the homepage view is scary. It is also home to many video thumbnails. If these are not to your taste you can click the random tab on the homepage and shuffle these to get a random slew of content.

    Video thumbnails on the homepage have tabs that show when they were uploaded and by whom, the total number of views and the category they fall into. Content uploads appear to be a regular thing here. Scroll to the end of the homepage if you wish to see more links to more XXX sites that want you to free your cock and get it leaking fluids like a faulty drainpipe!

Smutty Humor Does Wonders!

    We clicked the Pics tab on the homepage. It led us to a screen filled with images, one of which was titled Not Photoshopped. This showed the most booty-blessed girl to ever draw breath and we can only pray to rock this babe in an epic doggy style fuck sometime before we die!

    Another picture was titled New Kind Of Food Truck. Here can be seen a bearded dude bending over the bonnet of a car as a guy spreads and eats his ass. Pretty it ain’t.
The next pic we took a look at was Lending A Helping Hand. There you can see two dudes clasping hands and supporting each other as they shit on an open field. We could practically smell their dysentery from our work desk!

    If pics are not your thing you can hover your mouse cursor on the Video tab and choose videos from many categories like Newest, Most Viewed, Ridiculous Orgasms, and Cum Haters. Videos playback presents no issues and all videos have a short description. The quality is not top-class though.

    Video titles you can see in the Ridiculous Orgasms section include Ten Of The Most Intense Orgasms Ever, INCREDIBLE: 3 Orgasms In 90 Seconds and 13 Incher = Ridiculous Orgasm. We don't need to tell you what these vids are about, do we?

What We Think

    This site does shock and awe and we can’t help being impressed. Video and image quality are not the best, but a clean and well-organized website, limited ads, and boatloads of sexy, scary and shocking content make this a site that simply cannot be ignored. Not now or ever!

  • ✅ Really funny and twisted ass porn
  • ✅ The site is spam and ad free
  • ✅ The videos are well edited
  • ✅ It has a very active user community
  • ✅ Simple site design with descriptions
  • ✅ You can pick from videos , gifs and pics
  • Mobile Support
  • ❌ Pretty limited amount of content
  • ❌ There is no real good search or filter function with no tags