Chyoa review



    What if you could determine exactly what happens in a sex story? That is the premise behind Chyoa, which offers site readers the opportunity of deciding the course of events in sex stories That is a bit like watching a live porn scene featuring babes like Nia Nicci, pausing it and then ordering her to bend over like a good girl and take a boner in her backside that might leave her unable to shit for weeks!

    On its homepage, says that it is an interactive adult fiction site that offers a truly interactive storytelling environment where readers determine the outcome of sex stories. There’s no reason to doubt what they are saying. Here’s our review.

Porn How You Like It On Chyoa!

    We will begin this review with an overview of the homepage. It looks quite interesting if a little cluttered and has to be the nicest sex story homepage we have seen in a while. There are login and signup options at the far right part of the page, together with options to upload a story or two. A search bar is at the extreme left of the homepage, and underneath this are links that let you explore to your heart’s content or directs you to the most recent stories and site happenings.

    Information on the homepage says there are 13,749 stories on Chyoa, with 522,571 chapters. That’s more content than the population of some countries read in their lives!

    The main page has some recently updated sex stories, with sample titles like The Dragon King, Star Wars Spin The Bottle, and Curse of the Living Clothes. The name of the authors are listed, plus the number of chapters and the time they were uploaded.

    The rest of the homepage is filled with notable stories and writers. A category slideshow of sorts is provided too. Sample categories include MILF, Incest, Group Sex, Interracial, Erotic Couplings, and Cheating Spouses. Just click the Next or Previous borders of the slideshow and choose the content category you are up for seeing.

Telling It Raw And Sexy!

    At the far left of the homepage is a Top Sex Stories section, plus links to the site guide and forum. The forum section seemed quite busy and was available in multiple languages, with the Guide section being of top importance to writers to wish to submit content.

    The very first story in the Top Sex Stories section happened to be The Gamer, Chyoa Edition. It was written by a fellow named TheDespaxas and was about a dude named John who gets to live his life like it is a video game. He is also given some powers and as you would expect uses this to part the panties of the local ladies and wriggle his hard salami deep in their slits.

    For the most part, we are more than happy with the quality of the writing here, not that we are literature professors!

What We Think

    The idea of interactive content is certainly most welcome, and its proper execution at is great to see. There, you can read stories of all types, both sexual and non-sexual and maybe learn enough to be a writer who will be someday featured on the New York Times bestseller list! Overall, Chyoa appears to be a great boredom killer. We do wish its site could be easier to use and more attractive.

  • Categories like bdsm, bisexual, cheating, voyeur, fetish, incest, etc
  • It has a very active community
  • You can sign up for free and the site is ad free
  • You can create content by hooking up with other writers on the site
  • Very popular and established erotic writers on the site
  • ❌ The white design of the page can strain your eyes
  • ❌ It can still improve on the site design
  • ❌ Some of the content is crap