BigCocker review



    It is perfectly okay to swagger and thinks the world of yourself so long as you got a big cock. I am talking about the kind of woody that looks like a juvenile green anaconda at the very least and is perfectly capable of tearing any cunt apart and making it look as weary, disgusting, and bloody as a civil war battle scene!

    There are not many fellas with anacondas for dicks on this planet. Most of us have to make do with 5-6 inches of cock meat and that is sad, because the ladies tend to like it massive and fiercely cum-spitting.

Anyway, if for one reason or the other you like to see big cocks in action, there’s a site called that deals in nothing else but these. Interested? Then check out this review of mine and pray for the gods to bless you with 3-4 extra inches of penile meat!

They Call Me Big Poppa!

    The Notorious Big knew what he was spitting when he sang Big Poppa! It is practically the national anthem of every guy that’s overly blessed in the cock department and you better know the lyrics by heart if you have a battering ram that a blue whale mama wouldn’t want a mile near its cunt!

    Now, the Big Cocker homepage looks nothing like I imagined it to be and seems to have been lifted right from the mid-90s and deposited in the swirling waters of this century. There’s a white background color, plus what seems to be lots of tabs and tags, while video thumbnails are arranged vertically and in a sinfully unattractive manner. The page design is a huge letdown and the site admins need to be tied to a palm tree and punished for it by having their assholes penetrated by randy piranhas!

    A black carving with a jutting cock thrice its size is at the top left of the homepage and performs the role of the site logo. The Home, Videos, and Trade tabs are next to it, with the latter making it possible to be listed on the site if you own an active XXX site and want to partner with Big Cocker com. The Videos tab when tapped brings up a list of videos different from what’s on the homepage and lets you sort these by Huge White Cocks, Big Black Dicks, Fat Cock Compilation, Huge Solo Dicks, and Massive Cumshot.

    Remember the plentiful tags and categories I mentioned earlier? These are on every page and are actually ads that when clicked take you off-site to XXX sites like SwapSmut, UltraDonkey, and SexMommy.

    There’s a search bar at the top right of the homepage where you can enter keywords and that’s it. Porn site links are at the page bottom, but I would rather have the neighborhood cat chew on my intestines than click on these!

Big Cock Porn

    Big cocks taste extra special, as many a slut who has brushed their teeth with these can testify. Unfortunately, these bitches tend to start singing a different song when these massive woodies start shifting their uterus out of place, before rocketing up their stomach and into their gullet!

    Now, there are 40 pages of massive woody porn on this big cock site and there are 25 videos per page. Anal XXX, vagina demolition, and blow jobs are some of the genres covered.

    Content thumbnails come equipped with low-res images, run time, tags, title, and date. The majority seem to be under 10 minutes long and the most recent video was posted on February 2020. Yeah, videos appear to be arranged by date by default, which makes finding recent content easy.

    Sample titles include Young Girl Fucks Monster Dick, Small Girl Gets Brutal BBC Fuck, Absolutely Ripped Apart, Stitches Are Needed Here, and The Impaler. To be honest, I have no idea as to how much video is actually hosted on Big Cocker com. When you click on any video thumbnail, what usually happens is that a pop-up tab opens and that video loads on another XXX site. I was able to watch a few videos on Big Cocker itself, but that required effort and patience. I wouldn’t say this is an aggregator website, but it sure does act like it a lot.

    Tiny White Slut Impaled By Giant was one of the few videos I could watch on Big Cocker. This was 24:24 minutes long. The slut in question was a very pretty, slim, and petite girl with perfect perky -and pierced- tits, plus a peachy bottom and creamy white skin. The cock that in her turned out to not be as big as I originally supposed, but there’s no doubt at all that after nearly 30 minutes of action she might be walking bowlegged for a while! This slut wore white socks and could pass for a teen and at the end, her partner milked his boner in her mouth while playing with her tits and yes, she did seem grateful for the load of cum that was making its way down her gullet!

    Oh yes, the site video player is an extremely basic affair and videos, when they play, are low-res, with the quality not adjustable.

What I Think of BigCocker

    Frankly, I would say that Big Cocker is too much trouble than it is worth. But if you have a thing for big cocks and would rather suffer here rather than gorging on that niche on XVideos or XNXX, then have at it!

  • Very Free
  • Plentiful of content
  • ❌ Tons of ad's
  • ❌ Criminally bad site design
  • ❌ Low-res videos
  • ❌ Mimics aggregator XXX sites
  • ❌ Not enough tags and categories
  • ❌ Weak content sorting options