BestSexGif review



    If I had the opportunity, for sure I would ban the snot out of sex GIFs. One, they are simply too short to wank to, and two, they are only good for guys who can cum in 5 seconds or less! But there’s no denying the appeal of these kinds of erotic content. Like you can download and send them to your stuck-up boss or work colleagues, and get them hyperventilating with rage!

    So yeah, sex GIFs do have some use, but only if you are in a vengeful mood. If you are into that type of XXX art form, here’s my review of a sex GIF site called The guys there do seem to believe they host the best erotic GIFs on the planet. Join me on this review and see if their claim holds up to scrutiny or not.

Less-Than-Best Homepage Setup

    BestSexGIF has an average homepage set up and that makes little sense for a site that claims they host the best XXX GIFs that mankind and man cock will ever be exposed to. The background color here is a milky white, and a black header sits atop the homepage. On this is a rhetorical text asking horny fellas in love with their right fist and warmed-up tubs of Vaseline if they are looking for sexy GIFs.

    There’s a search bar at the top left, plus 9 sex GIFs on the homepage and 9 on every page save for the last one. These of course are all playing and feature just about every sexual act and sexy body movement under the sun. Think of them as starter packs that are good enough to make you horny, but absurdly too short to wank to. Featured content run to 202 pages and that is a very respectable number.

    The bottom of every BestSexGIF page hosts an About Us that lets you know that there are over 10K sexy GIFs at hand. Also located at the bottom left is a mess of tags. These tags are just are pornstar names, with chicks like Abella Anderson, Asa Akira, Mia Malkova, Sasha Grey, and Whitney Westgate being listed.

    There’s something else that can be found on every page here and that’s a Category pull-down menu. This is positioned near the bottom right. When you click on this, you can choose from categories like Cumshot, 69, Anal, Fuck, Deepthroat, Dildo, and Shower. Besides every listed category here is a number and this indicates how many GIFs it hosts. Guess what category seems to have the most content? Well, that’s Anal with 113 GIFs.

    But there seems to be something amiss. Remember I said that the content on is hosted on over 200 pages and that the About Us proclaims that there are over 10K GIFs available on this GIF site? Well, if you check out the categories in the Category menu and the content each is supposed to have, there can’t be more than 2K GIFs here. It is either that my maths is poor as sin or there’s some hanky panky going on with the way the BestSexGIF admins are counting their content.

    Now, as I said at the start of this section, the site design is an absolute mess. For Christ’s sake, what’s the utility of a Category page that’s near enough at the bottom of the page to give my feet a BJ? And why have tags, but make these to be only names of XXX stars? Plus the homepage and every other page here are almost colorless and don’t seem to have been designed by someone with more than 10 working brain cells. Am I being too harsh? I doubt it!

    And oh, the site is not safe at all and this is indicated in the page information, which has a warning triangle icon rather than a locked and secured icon. I would advise having your PC security engaged at all times while browsing through what’s on offer here.

Riders Of Cock

    Feeling down? Get a chick to ride your cock and you will soon believe you are a king and your kingdom awaits inside a pussy hole belonging to a chick who seems to think you owe her an orgasm, plus a vagina misalignment!

    Now, to begin content review on BestSexGIF, I went down a page, clicked on the Category menu, and selected Cock Riding from the categories on offer. Sample titles in this section include Anal Big Cock Entering Slow Reverse Cowgirl, Cock Riding Cow Girl Small Tits Babe, Busty MILF Reverse Cock Riding In Storage Room and Ass Bouncing While Fucked Hard Bookworm Babe. Yeah, title names here read like they were created by a computer program or something.

    Once you click on any GIF, the options at the top left of the content page let you go back to a previous GIF or forward to a new one, and all without having to return to the main content page. Content cannot be zoomed in, commented on, downloaded, or whatever else. I sure would have appreciated an opportunity to zoom in and have a closer look at some GIFs, but that capability is not supported here.

    As for content upload frequency, well, the latest GIFs are loaded on the homepage by default. And the most recent GIF is from March 30, 2020. So, you could say that BestSexGIF has an abysmal content upload frequency schedule. It is also possible that the site admin fell off a cliff on March 30 last year and that’s why the site has not been uploaded since then!

What I Think BestSexGif

    Well, BestSexGIF is disappointing and certainly not the best at what they do. Its gross lack of features might have been charming a decade or so ago, but these days there’s simply no excuse for a site like this to be this average in all areas. This GIF site is too easily forgettable to be recommended and even worse is not secured, with visitors at risk of viruses and having their data stolen.

    BestSexGIF com is best only in their mind. Avoid this site if you can and avoid it if you can’t!

  • Free
  • No ad´s
  • Mobile Support
  • ❌ Site is not secure
  • ❌ Very average site setup
  • ❌ Extremely limited site features
  • ❌ Limited user options
  • ❌ No downloads, ratings, or comments
  • ❌ Advanced search functionality lacking
  • ❌ Site has not been uploaded since early last year