BestHugeCocks review



    Life gets really sweet when you have at least a million dollars in the bank and a cock that’s at least a mile long and a kilometer wide! What you do with boners like that is, of course, your business, at least so long as you keep it away from my sister and all my female family members!

    Now, huge cocks have always been eagerly desired, admired, and flaunted throughout the ages by people of all sex. They are known for triggering the most intense orgasms, rearranging vaginas and ovaries, and reordering lives and careers. If you have an oak tree woody, you really should be going to church on the regular and thanking the most high for seeing you worthy to be blessed with such a magnificent dragon-slaying artillery piece!

    Anyway, enough of this ode to big cocks. Here’s my review. Yeah, this site is all about the most massive penises that do the most massive damage to the small holes they punch through! Read and prosper, as always!

Average To the T!

    On the boring index, I would say that Best Huge Cocks scores a B+ at the very least. The site design is very standard, average, and boring. There are no tabs, though there is a search bar. Different XXX category thumbnails like Orgy, Cowgirl, Cum Swallowing, Daddy, Twink, Lesbians, Swingers, In Ass, and Big Cock fill the homepage. A few recent trend links like Ladyboy Hooker Cum, Huge Dick Bus, and Perverted Mature Craying are at the bottom of the homepage, with no tags to be seen.

    I actually expected better here but will have to work with what’s available. But if you know the site admins running this penis-obsessed site, do me a favor and put a live rat in their undies to motivate them into making this site lots more flashy and glitzy.

    At least the search bar works and there seems to be enough content to transform your small dick into a really big one that can chomp through virgin ass and come back for a MILF cunt clash!

In Ass All The Way!

    Yeah, there is an In Ass category here and just the thought of it is giving me severe heart palpitations! Sample titles in this section include Petite Chinese Ass In Leggings, Perfect Ass And Feet In Pantyhose, Holly Hendrix Fucked In Ass By Neighbor, and Amateur Blonde With Excellent Tits Tries It In Her Ass, with content coming from hidden cams, amateur shoots, and professional stuff.

    Videos in this section are on average 3-4 minutes long. I checked out one whose title said Ball Deep In A Virgin Ass Video Starring Miya. This was added in 2017 and is 7:51 minutes long.

    The video was taken from MOFOS and the Miya in question is a 4-eyed girl-next-door type who gets taken to a shooting range and then driven to a house. She has a cute ass and begins the show by fingering it before her partner takes over and dips his fingers in there. Then she sucks his dick, gets on the bed, and has her cunt fucked by an impressive length of rigid cock, accompanied by continual asshole fingering. It all ends when she gets shot in the face by a cumshot and starts acting like she got brained with a rock!

    After this, I decided to browse through the Celebrities section, but it didn’t have much stuff that I haven’t already seen. So, I dived into the Huge Cock section, and boy, was I glad I did! There are enough massive mandigos here to make me wish I had an extra third leg with an extra 10 feet of man meat and there are 3 pages to browse through.

    One was titled Candice Dare Takes BBC Pounding and is a second over 8 minutes long. This video is courtesy of Teens Love BBC and opens with Candice getting dick from a dark, bearded and handsome fella with a sharp mandigo. He put it in her snatch, banging this blonde slut hard in a doggystyle position, before putting her on her back and digging that cock into her like it had just been ordered by the supreme court to excavate her uterus on the double! She then sits on him in a reverse cowgirl and bounces on that sweet dick like a yo-yo!

    Now, video quality is piss-poor and there’s no possibility of adjusting it. I would say it is around 360p-480p, possibly lower. The video player is basic, only supporting volume control, fullscreen mode, play, and stop. All videos apart from a title have dates and tags, and you can use the latter to search for related content. Ratings, comments, and stuff like that are not supported at all. Like your only job here is to watch what’s on the screen, wank to it, and fap off!

What I Think of BestHugeCocks

    Best Huge Cock does not make a good case for itself. I for one would rather get to XVideo, type Mandigo or Big Cocks into the search bar, and watch stuff there in high quality or better, instead of straining my eyes with the average stuff that Best Huge Cock is trying to pass off.

    Yeah, I’m not recommending this site, because it simply does not meet up to expectations, though it would have been perfect for the last decade of the 20th century.

  • Free
  • Very simple and foolproof site design
  • Relatively large amount of content
  • Mobile Support
  • ❌ Ad's
  • ❌ Very meager sorting options
  • ❌ Full-length videos are scarce
  • ❌ Video quality is average or less