AmaPorn review



    Ever met an Italian? Those fellas sure can sweet talk a stone statue into dropping its pants and bending over for an epic banging and are rumored to be the best sexperts this side of the Milky Way galaxy!

    Anyway, there are quite a few porn sites that exclusively cater to Italians and Europeans. One of these sites known as Amaporn will be carefully reviewed today by the best porn masters on earth- us!

    Tune in and see how Italians put it in like the slick pros they are!

It’s Amaporn Time!

    Amaporn is built to exclusively cater to the tastes of Italians. A good indication of that is that the default site language is Italian and changing this to English is about as possible as your growing wings and flying to the Arctic!

    In looks, the site resembles most other porn sites and there’s nothing out of the ordinary. So, if you are expecting to see clips of horny Italian males fucking the holy Mary out of a pasta dish, you might want to look elsewhere!

    So, there are the usual log in and registration options, plus a search bar. These and the main tabs are housed within a red-colored section atop the homepage, with the main homepage color being white.

    Serving as the main tabs are the Home, Video, Photo, Stories, Categories, Tags, and Community. At the right of the page is a selection of porn categories you might want to have a look at. Included are dildo, fisting, fetish, hentai, gay, teen, trans and vintage. Below are photo categories and tags.

    In case you want to check out the photo collection, you need to know that there’s plenty of pics here, of boobs, pussies, both short and long penises, puckered assholes and more. In fact, the photo collection runs to 1056 pages, with each page hosting multiple galleries with numerous photos that are fap-worthy to the max.

    Photo quality varies, but you can download them, upvote and play them in slideshow format. Commenting on these photos is however the privilege of members.

Amazing Porn At Amaporn!

    Video thumbnails make the homepage of this porn site look busy. These thumbnails offer a preview when you hover a cursor over them.

    However, they are all titled in Italian and we can read Italian as well as you can all speak Esperanto! So, we decided to click the Categories stab and see where that led us.

    We struck gold so to speak because most of the categories on this porn site are in English. You get Black, Fisting, Orgy, Nudist, Prostitute, Teen, Trans, Voyeur, Vintage, Fetish, BDSM, and Celebrity.

    The latter category had 185 videos in total. There you can see Paris Hilton sucking cock like the proper slut that she is, Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton showing off their nude and half-nude body, and Megan Fox taking a cock in her fab cunt. There's even a 40-minute long video of Kim Kardashian and Ray J getting all nasty and banging like horny teens.

    We were able to watch most videos, though a few refused to play. Video downloads are enabled too, plus upvotes and embedding.

What We Think

    Amaporn is as nice as a kiss from a nun with great tits! It lacks ads and that is refreshing, plus the content here is diverse enough to gift you with orgasms that will make your wet dreams look as tame as a blaring radio!

    Overall, we like what’s on show here, though giving all content Italian titles didn’t sit that well with us. We can’t really complain too much though, cos our cocks don't need to speak Italian to know when to cum!

  • Some wicked Italian porn
  • Some HD porn
  • The site includes amateur porn
  • Members get paid to upload porn
  • Lots of Italian porn categories
  • Mobile Support
  • ❌ Most videos are short
  • ❌ Poor site design
  • ❌ The porn quality is mostly low