CelebMasta review




    Now, the holy book says that wherever two or three are gathered, the topic is most likely to be the shenanigans of this or that celebrity. Yeah, we all love to talk about celebrities in just about every field of endeavor, envy their achievements, and wish we were as rich, sexy, and/or endowed as they are.

    If celebrities, their love lives, bathroom habits, and more are what you like to obsess over, then you might need to get on a first-name basis with a site like Celeb Masta. Here you can get celeb-focused gossip, pics, nudes, and more and might just be lucky enough to see the kind of content that enables you to fap to your favorite celebrity person for the rest of this century!

    But is Celeb Masta all that it is cracked up to be? Well, let’s find out. Read my Celeb Masta review and call me daddy!

Be The Master, Daddy!

    If you are expecting enough lights and dazzle to make a Vegas party look like a toddler tea party, then you might want to look elsewhere other than the Celeb Masta homepage! Yeah, the homepage has a very standard look, plus a white background color. If not for the images of nude celebs and naughty posts found all over the site page, you could easily mistake this for the homepage of a cat litter company!

    The site logo is positioned at the top left part of the page. This consists of a bearded guy standing arms akimbo and looking like Cardi B asked him to eat her poop and he’s giving the request some serious consideration! Just beneath the guy is a lengthy search bar.

    There’s a more than adequate selection of tabs here. Represented are the Home, Nude Celebs, Celeb Videos, Influencers, Male Celebs, A-Z Celeb List, About and Live Girls tabs. A click on the latter takes you to Celeb Masta Live, a live porn site filled with sluts that want you to tell them how they can go fuck themselves!

    The About tab is worth checking out if you want to hear a very outlandish tale of how this site came to be, while the A-Z Celeb List has what it says on the tin. This, as promised, is an alphabetic and exhaustive listing of popular celebs, from Adele and Amber Rose to Zooey Deschanel and Zendaya. Click on any girl in this list and get a page filled with her nude/erotic/sensational images, plus some titillating written content. You can’t download any images but can view them in a slideshow format by pressing the Next or Previous button. Some celeb profiles do include videos, but for some reason, I never succeeded in making these play.

    Now, let’s get to the other tabs. The Male Celebs tab has a small listing of the most popular male celebs alive. Jason Momoa tops this list and there’s even a picture of him nude as fuck and with his boner on show that I am sure is fake as fuck. Influencers, Celeb Videos, and Nude Celebs all have the kind of content any boner in search of celeb pussy could ask for and are worth checking out to the limit.

The Porn Of It All!

    If you are on the Celeb Masta homepage, you get to see some popular celebs on the right of the page, while the rest of the homepage has some featured celebs. I am not even sure what’s the difference between the two is, as both have one thing in common- celeb nudes and plenty of these.

    There are 67 pages of content on Celeb Masta. The 66 page has nude and half nude images of babes like Giselle Bundchen, Angelina Jolie, and Melania Trump herself. That’s right, the US first lady. In case you were wondering, she has a small but very tight pair of tits that could belong to a teen, plus a small and pert ass you could suck chocolate ice cream out of!

What I Think

    Celeb Masta is good at what it does but does not really make a compelling case as to why it is worth bookmarking. The content found here can be found on other sites as well, and nothing I can see really distinguishes Celeb Masta from others.

    Overall, I think this site might be worth bookmarking for having a wide variety of celeb porn under one roof and offering it up for free to any Tom, Dick, and Harry that needs some cum out of their woody!

  • Free
  • Lots of celeb porn and gist
  • No ads
  • Mobile Support
  • ❌ Downloads not supported
  • ❌ Content quality not the best
  • ❌Videos do not appear to be playable
  • ❌Some faked content
  • ❌ Site design could be flashier and more user optimized